Boxopus converts direct torrents downloads Dropbox

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Technology - Internet
Sunday, 24 June 2012 12:49

Boxopus is a new service that downloads BitTorrent files directly to a Dropbox account, without using a P2P client. It's like a hybrid between P2P and direct downloads because they simply enter the URL of a torrent, will after a while the whole file synchronized in our Dropbox folder. While Boxopus servers perform for us P2P download, you do not have your computer running.

Some trackers as TorrentReactor,, and have added a button so that your users can download directly mendiante Boxopus.

The service is free now, but once out of beta, free accounts will have some limitations.

Another detail that is not mentioned and should be borne in mind is that Dropbox blocks the spread of copyrighted files that you are notified, so that it is difficult, if Boxopus triumphs, put some kind of limitation for downloads of this type . / boxopus-downloads-tower ... PBOX-120623 /