Investigating Apple for promoting the new iPhone 4G does not work in countries where

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Thursday, 29 March 2012 11:42

You are two countries who have opened investigations to clarify the ability of the new iPhone to connect to LTE. Sweden, the country that have achieved the first commercial LTE network in the world can not use the new iPad.

The boxes of the devices offered for sale in Australia have attached a sticker that warns that the ability 4G does not work in the country. Apple has been forced to take this action after the process that opened the consumer authorities to compel him to rectify the advertising and allow consumers to get their money request.

As published in few hours after his presentation, which boasts 4G new iPhone only works on North American frequency bands , which are different from those adopted in Europe. The problem would be higher if the advertising does not highlight this feature. But the Spanish website of Apple continues to emphasize the 4G capacity without clarifying that does not conform to European standards.

The first LTE network in the world does not fit the new iPad

Sweden also has opened an investigation after the Consumer Agency has received numerous complaints from buyers about the 4G iPhone. Disappointment there may be greater than in other countries since they were introduced together with Norway as the first country in the world with a commercial LTE network, thanks to the deployment of a little over two years is making TeliaSonera.