Android clearly dominates the mobile market

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Friday, 17 May 2013 14:57

Data from the first quarter of 2013 related to mobile operating systems are clear: Android dominates the market, grows much more than its competitors and rises more than ten points from 2012. Along with iOS account for 92.3% of the market. Blackberry sinks so that lost to third place in favor of Windows Phone.

We'll see what happens with the new Blackberry models and are able to recover some lost ground: one million units served as BB10. In the part of the leaders, Google changes and the arrival of iOS7 determine the future.


Google presents a Samsung Galaxy Nexus S4 interface between otras novelties

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Technology - Internet
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 20:13

In the event of the year, Google I / O, the U.S. giant has unveiled many new features: Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition is a version of the popular handset from Samsung but TouchWiz layer, but relying on the Android operating system in a pure state as its platform, and bootloader unlocked; also service All Access to Google Play Music that for $ 9.99 a month allows unlimited access to music supply l. The figures, finally, were staggering: in 2011, there were 100 million activated Android, in 2012, 400 million, in 2013 the figure has reached 900 million.

Google also introduced its unified messaging application is called Hangouts. Come to Android, iOS, Chrome and Gmail, focused on providing and sharing conversations. It will be available today.

Also return to the fray with more than 40 changes on Google+, from the cover to the way of presenting the images while Google Maps is also updated, covering virtually the entire screen, using a system of "letters" or cards like Google Now for the user to request and obtain information and results related to what you're looking

Finally, the web search engine Google now listens and responds to speak aloud acting as Apple's Siri and can perform actions on the phone to receive voice prompts.


France could repeal 'Hadopi law'

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Technology - Internet
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 03:07

hadopi In 2009 the French Senate approved by 189 votes in favor and 142 against (Socialists and Greens) law 'Creation and Internet', known as Hadopi - which sought to combat Internet downloads. Later we knew that discharges slowed but did not solve that increase sales. After the so-called Lescure report (named after its editor, former president of Groupe Canal +), the government of François Hollande has decided to suspend sanctions that included major Hadopi, including most notably the suspension of Internet service.

The report received by the Government proposes to keep the warning letters and even fines, but no connection deprivation. Also encourages significantly reduce fines, from the top of 1,500 euros of the current legislation to a maximum of 60 euros.

Of interest

Photo | Richard Ying


Promotes Másmovil € 9.9 per month its rate Pueblo

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Technology - Internet
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 22:12

Applicants for the end of May portability fee to the Village with unlimited nationwide calling Másmovil fees will have three months to 9.9 euros per month when the usual fee is 28 euros per month (excluding indirect tax).


  • Free calls to all mobile and fixed 24 hours
  • Free 1GB at maximum speed
  • 50 national SMS free
  • Usual single monthly price: 28 €
  • No obligation to remain
  • No registration fee
  • Free Customer
  • Applicable to 150 different destinations per billing cycle

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