Kaire X Pro920M projector for Japan

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Technology - Hardware
Friday, 14 November 2008 15:53

Most people when they learn they have gone out one technological innovation and like, struggling to acquire it in any way, to the extent they place their trust in the official sponsor of the product and often do not exceed the expectations set by the user or go bad in all its entirety.

Well, with the new projector that has brought all these concerns will be Kaire possible and safe do you feel pleased. The latest projector developed by Kairos, will be called X Pro920M Kairos.


This mini projector will feature the following specifications:

  • 25-inch image projected from a meter away.
  • 100:1 contrast ratio.
  • 1W monaural audio.
  • Have a brightness of 10 lumens
  • Resolution of 640 x 480
  • You will have a size of 8.89 x 4.54 x 8 inches.
    While its specifications are not so preposterous, the important thing is that this mini projector will also feature a rear-projection approach, being a positive advantage against other projectors that are on the same line.

This projector will be sold from January next year and be conducted primarily in Japan. The price per unit is $ 400.

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Korean researchers increase laptop battery life in a 800%

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Technology - Hardware
Thursday, 13 November 2008 21:47

Could this man be responsible to extend laptop battery life of 16 to 32 hours? Or, what is the same, is approximately 800% increase?.


His name is Cho Jaephil, and is the director of a team of researchers at the University Hanyung South Korea, as we have announced today, are demanding a bill that, among other things, would bring about a remarkable breakthrough in terms the time corresponding to the autonomy of portable batteries today.

And it remains true that the autonomy of the batteries of lithium ion charge may increase up to 8 times the current values.

As we know, today's technology one of the factors limiting this expansion is the capacity of cathode materials such as graphite, lithium ion storage.

Something that would be a very great advance not only in regard to the gadgets, but also for the development of new electric vehicles that are supposed to appear to be the "future".

However, in this case have managed to implement a three-dimensional porous silicon can store up to eight times more lithium ions.

Can you imagine in this case a laptop whose battery has a range of more than 30 hours? Far from the current between 2 or 4, it is certainly a time that almost makes me dizzy.

Let's see how you can develop this sector in the coming years. And above all, hopefully this breakthrough will not remain just there.

Via | Treehugger


ED1000U2, portable hard drive completely ecological

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Technology - Hardware
Thursday, 13 November 2008 19:37

We are in crisis, and every day we listen to in many media tips, clues or tricks to pay less to the basket or to consume less energy in our homes.


The latter, far from saving us money and therefore spend less, is vital to protect the environment and, ultimately, wasted and abused our planet.

It seems we now are getting more companies joined to develop gadgets that, among other issues, are able to consume less as far as electricity is concerned.

For example, this is the case Logitec Company, a Japanese manufacturer not to be confused with the popular Logitech, which has just presented a portable hard drive completely organic.

He has received the technical name of ED1000U2, has 1TB of internal storage and has the special characteristic that comes with software that can automatically detect when you register the disk has not been any activity in it for more than 1 minute.

Unfortunately for now the software can be used only with Windows, though the portable hard drive itself (without the software, of course) is compatible with Mac and GNU / Linux.

Only available in Japan, to a price change is around about 220 euros.

Via | Akibarahanews


ARM is also developing a chip for netbooks

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Technology - Hardware
Thursday, 13 November 2008 19:26

We know that the market for ultraportable computers (also known under the name of netbooks) is a booming market in which many companies want to dominate its position by launching and introducing new products.


Companies like Acer, Asus, Toshiba, and Fujitsu have already taken to market new ultraportable computers, some more prominent than others, and almost every week we hear so many presentations.

However there is strong competition in regard to the development of microprocessors for these netbooks.

And is that while some time ago we learned of the release of the popular Intel Atom, and even during yesterday we learned that AMD was going to develop another more powerful microprocessor, it now seems that it is the turn to the firm ARM.

As we have known through the portal Engadget, the company would find supposedly working on making a new microprocessor for this type of equipment.

Not surprisingly, have come to even sign an agreement with Canonical to develop a version of Ubuntu was thinking exclusively for teams that are mounted beneath the Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9.

So far we have to wait a bit to test the effectiveness of these microprocessors.

Although not much, since they will be available from April next year 2009.

Via | Engadget

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