Obtain the free iPad Mini

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012 16:44

Most likely, when you purchased the Tablet iPad 4, overlooking did have this terminal in your power to use a few years, as we all thought at the time of purchase. But now we just live near the launch of the new iPad Mini, you will surely falter as my forces and ask yourself: Is it better than the iPad 4? How I can get it for free?

In this post we will tell you how to get the new iPad Mini for Christmas, which is presumed to be the star gift for the holidays.

  • How to Get a Free iPad Mini
  • What is it really?

How to Get a Free iPad Mini

If you're an Apple-branded crazy like me and purchased the model of the iPad tablet in April, but now we are bombarded with a new much smaller model, the iPad Mini, and we begin to enter the questions, is it better? or on the contrary, to have smaller fails to have the same capacity as the iPad 4? Consumerism Damn!

The answer is simple, by ability is much better the iPad in April, however, a level of usability in our view is much better the new iPad Mini. Now you can carry because it fits in any pocket. If you decide to change your tablet or just have a fancy to the new mini tablet, you can get it free, or at least a better price if you follow our advice.

What is it really?

If you have a terminal of the Apple brand , be it a smartphone such as an iPhone, a desktop or laptop or an iPad if you use a Mac, the company values ​​the terminal you and make you want to undo a series of questions. For example: If we stick to the iPhone will ask us to model exactly, that is the terminal capacity, what color, if you have any cosmetic damage, whether it works or if it has been dropped or liquid ever. Even if we have restored the phone to its original settings and if you include the charger. If you respond positively these claims will beneficially.

After answering the questions, Apple will give us a value of our device and if you pick it up you accept free. When it finds that it is in terminal conditions you said, you add money to your account Apple Store to buy what you want with it, forget the cash.

To give you an idea, I wanted to buy the new iPhone 5 and wanted to sell my iPhone 4S 16GB white in perfect condition and I get a value of 310 euros, so it only cost me half their original price. And if the iPad Mini, only have to pay 10 euros for it, as the price of this iPad is only 320 euros.

Surely you can get more value for Ebay or selling on your own, but if you want money right away this method is much simpler and with all guarantees.


Flexible displays for 2013

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Technology - Hardware
Friday, 23 November 2012 13:58

It can realize the saying where there's smoke is because water carries. And the river of Samsung flexible OLED screens each passing day sounds louder. This latest rumors suggest that the Korean could launch its first flexible display devices as soon as they could be in the first half of next year, 2013.

In previous post we've talked about speedometers on bicycles and the use of technology in sport. So far in this article we will focus on flexible displays.

Flexible displays

Rumors suggest that flexible OLED displays Samsung louder each passing day. The latest rumors are fixed in that the Korean brand could launch their first device with a flexible screen in the middle of next year, 2013.

As you know, the production of these screens, which are dubbed Youm, were delayed due to the high demand experienced by AMOLED screens caused by strong sales of Samsung Galaxy SIII terminals And Galaxy Note II. Today's rumors suggest that the Korean company Samsung has set foot on the accelerator and you want your screens Youm arrive as soon as possible.

Why this decision

The reason for this decision is not yet confirmed, is precisely to be first to market with the new OLED display technology that uses flexible plastic instead of crystals and therefore is able to bend, which is practically unbreakable achieved. Other companies like LG and Sony have already made prototypes view so the Korean brand wants no competition ahead. Samsung, for now, just be messing assures us the prototypes of this screen model. So we will have to stay with the long teeth and wait until next year to see these innovative displays.

It is further believed that there have been performance issues Youm flexible screens, so it would have delayed plans for production and therefore continue to work with her in laboratories, placing its launch in early 2013.


The bicycle speedometers

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Technology - Hardware
Friday, 23 November 2012 11:30

We all know that the use of technology in sport helps a lot. We can see in sports like tennis, as "Hawkeye" assist the referee in his decision to give a ball for good or for bad. In few sports, unfortunately, technology is present to help develop even knowing, which does not use it, that would help a lot.

In previous articles I have talked about Internet and their domains , so now we will focus on more technological. In this post we will tell you why it is good to the use of technology in sport but more specifically, when you use your bicycle.

The technology used in sports

The technology is present in all areas of our lives so the sport is no exception. Gradually, the technology has been entering the sport sector, holding fast in recent years with much more force. Therefore, the sport has evolved to another level, in which to be a competitive athlete you have to reach the limit and get the maximum performance. The proof of what we say we could see the previous years the Olympic Games where he broke world records in nearly every discipline, something that was coming. With all the hype that came in the JJ. OO competitors could meet as they trained and served as sports technology to help you get maximum performance.

The bicycle speedometers

For the bicycle is to be expected, since the technology involved in this sector get higher performance. The speedometers will help you improve your time with this unit will control both the distance and velocity, both the average speed as you have in the moment, and the time taken for the journey. What will help you make your own judgments and draw your own conclusions about the training that you make when you go with the bike.


How to have a maximum 3G coverage

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Technology - Hardware
Thursday, 22 November 2012 14:32

What horror! When you need the full potential of your fee and this does not respond. We all happened so you put the video below, although not a party. On occasion we have had to cancel any event we have organized a few hours before starting so as consumers we demand that the rate of the highest we've hired.

Thinking about this Vodafone launches Tecnyo Redvolución and we're going to explain.

Today young people have the need to be connected at all times and thinking about it, Vodafone launches Redvolución. A service designed to offer maximum performance rate for users. So that in the moments when you most need the full potential of your tariff, this will respond as it does in the video that we show up.

Maximum performance fee

When we have those days when we burn the phone because we need to send SMS, make calls or even being online as in the video above, we ask that our rate of as much of it. Vodafone launches Redvolución So, so you do not leave your rate shot when you need it most.

Vodafone Redvolución is designed for customers who do a less intense use of the terminal, but sometimes need their rate of their potential and that this is not left hanging. Complete range of price plans that include calls, SMS and mobile data from only 9 euros. A total turn the Vodafone business model that focuses on pay for what you really need.

Also Vodafone

Also, Vodafone is in a better position to offer a higher quality 3G coverage thanks to its 900 refarming and Single RAN deployment, which will help us to have a maximum speed up to 43.2 Mbps, also optimized for support VoIP connectivity and much more.

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