Japan World Cup broadcast in 4K

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Technology - Hardware
Monday, 28 January 2013 23:47

What About 4K TVs? At CES 2013 we saw a lot of them , was the flagship product, the future of television after the invention of the 3D failed. But there is a problem, the same as always. I have the TV market with more resolution at home and I can not see anything of quality and adapted to it. At least in Japan have thought that the lucky owners could enjoy great content tailored to your TV for a month, and that Japan will broadcast the World Cup in 4K.

Mundial de Fútbol en 4K

No doubt that this is done to support the technology and launch sales. In fact already been done in the last World Cup in South Africa which it issued some 3D televisions. It is often said that these big events like the Olympics or the World Cup or the European Championships serve to boost sales of televisions and which always presents some technology. Well here's another example.

The Asahi Shimbun reported that the Japanese Ministry of Interior will broadcast the World Cup in 4K (3840 x 2160) using communications satellites instead of the standard broadcast satellites. That is why this newspaper as 4K emissions come two years earlier than planned in order to boost sales of 4K TVs.

Given that the event is in the summer of 2014 and that prices of TVs we've seen at CES far from popular, I wonder how many people will be lucky to possess a television these. I see it more suitable for local and sports bars which if that could allow a major expense or could even get a grant from the brands.

Likewise, the problem persists because once the event is over normal emissions will become routine for these teams so that your investment is not worth much if you deserve. We'll see how sales respond.

Admission Japan World Cup broadcast in 4K appears first in Gizmodo .


How to remove and clean your computer programs?

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Technology - Hardware
Thursday, 24 January 2013 19:01

Have you ever stopped to look at how many programs are in your computer you do not use or do not even know what they are? In today's article I will talk about an easy way to remove and clean your computer programs.

TuneUp Utilities

One of the programs that seem revelation be the best bet for this year, in terms of cleaning and removing programs from your computer , is TuneUp Ever heard of him?

This program allows you to free up space on your computer, solve problems you may have, optimize the system ... Among other qualities. If you want to know more about this package we offer page TuneUp 2013


The GPS tracking

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Technology - Hardware
Wednesday, 23 January 2013 11:42

GPS Tracking is a family of products used to locate and track people or vehicles in real time through mobile or devices with GPS locators. Two types of GPS locators: MTX65 and Carclick.


The GPS tracking is a family of products used for locating or tracking people or vehicles in real time using phones or devices with GPS locators. There are two types of GPS vehicle locators are the MTX65, this model can be installed on any vehicle, or Carclick, which is connectable to bus Plug & Play OBD II vehicle. For tracking people tracking using mobile phones although this available for almost all smartphones is recommended for Androids and BlackBerrys.

You can create and view all the reports regarding timetables and routes, either on time or automatically. You can, for example, report receiving all tours every Monday morning and these are sent to an email address you want.


What is it for GPS tracking

With GPS tracking product can be localized mobile phones and vehicles have included the locators. It is already possible to know with accuracy the current location of any vehicle or person, in addition to consulting where you've been, the way it has traveled and the time taken is, times made, the time spent staff in each service performed or visit, how long it takes to get from one place to another, the miles there, ... Making all this help enterprises in cost savings from the optimization of all resources in mobility.

With the application of GPS tracking can:

  • Locating mobiles in real time.
  • The vehicle location in real time using GPS locating devices or Carclick MTX65.
  • Get all the activity reports.
  • Having control of hours and vehicle stopping places.
  • The control of the routes was made.
  • And the view of the person closest to an address.

-GPS tracking


Get savings without sacrificing print quality

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Technology - Hardware
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 17:32

Saving does not have to be a deficit of quality, something that shows HP with its new HP Officejet Pro 8600A HP Officejet Pro eAiO and eAiO 8600A Plus you get to save both cost and consumption.


There are many reasons why saving is no longer important if not essential in our daily life. One factor beneficial to carry out energy-saving policy, if only in our homes or businesses, is the impact it will lower our energy costs in the deterioration of the environment, and achieve the positive effect on our economy .

One of the simplest ways to achieve achieve our purposes is to choose those computers and appliances that we allow. In this aspect, HP introduced two new printers that enable us to achieve a 50% saving in the cost of each page, as well as a significant reduction of energy consumption associated with using it.

With these two teams, HP Officejet Pro 8600A HP Officejet Pro eAiO and eAiO 8600A Plus , see how the print quality of any document will be increased without any additional cost this result of our consumption and the cost of printing. This will lead us to see increased productivity and optimization of energy consumption thanks to high-tech leading these printers.

HP Technology

The target audience for which they are designed these two teams are the ones professional HP micro and small businesses that need their savings from being increased, without compromising quality or budget cuts or any unsustainable.

Also, we will not only save costs but also achieve our time more productive. With HP ePrint technology, we can print any document from any device, you can access all corporate applications to print the forms. We may also send and manage tasks from any device iPad, iPhone or iPod using AirPrint.

Both teams use HP 950XL cartridges which allow us to print it up to 2,300 pages, or HP 951XL print up to 1500 pages.

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