Pioneer introduced 5 new models of GPS

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Technology - Hardware
Monday, 29 September 2008 22:00

Pioneer recently introduced 4 new models of GPS, HRZ099, HRZ088, HRV022, and HRV011. All of them is characterized in particular the introduction of a 40GB hard drive, 1Seg TV tuner and a generous LCD screen 7 inches.

The Pioneer model is the vanguard of HRZ099 on your screen and offers a maximum resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, while others are content with just 480 × 234.


All these GPS can play files in DVD, CD, WMA, MP3, AAC and DivX. They are compatible with the iPod and HRZ099 and HRZ088 models are equipped with an amplifier that delivers a maximum output of 50W x 4CH.

In addition to these 7-inch GPS, Pioneer has another under his arm, it's a model that features a 5.8 inch screen has been equipped with a 8GB internal memory, an amplifier (50w x4), TV tuner 1Seg, a slot for SD memory cards and USB port. And of course, can also play files in DVD, WMA, MP3, DivX, WAV and MPEG-4.

So far the Japanese firm has revealed to us where these teams came much less informed us about the final price.

Via | Akihabaranews