Blusens FreePC 8P, another ultraportable

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Technology - Hardware
Thursday, 09 October 2008 14:17

We continue with more releases carried out in recent days with the company Blusens.

Undertaking over which, it must be said, since you talked earlier today, exactly on the launch of his new Blusens FreePC 10P, an ultraportable computer with a screen of 10 inches.


The reason for this new note is that it has been revealed yet another ultraportable computer, but this time something simpler and simpler than the previous model.

It's called Blusens FreePC 8P, among other things comes with a fairly interesting display (TFT LCD) and a size slightly smaller 8-inch pan.

On this occasion comes with a processor developed by the company AMD (AMD800 exactly 500 MHz), a nearly minimal RAM select between 256 or 512MB and a 60GB hard drive storage capacity.

It incorporates an integrated webcam (although it has not known how many megapixels), the connection WiFi, two USB ports, a memory card reader (SD, MMC and MS) and VGA output.

As has happened with the Blusens FreePC 10P has not known anything about the final price. Also follow.

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