Configure router Jazztel

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Technology - Hardware
Thursday, 29 October 2009 17:16

Some time ago you specified the DNS operators, through an interesting article from which we intended to offer full information to that effect.


It is also true that you have explained in detail how you can open ports on a router, or even how to enter the password Telefonica router or the router password ONO.

But digging a little more about these issues, today we will see how we can configure the router, Jazztel, through a series of steps that can be as useful as simple to follow.

Configure router Jazztel

Once you have your hands on operator Jazztel router, you must choose the location you are connected and specifically where it will use in your computer.

It is therefore necessary to connect the router to what you'll need the electrical transformer, phone cord, and the UTP.

After connecting everything as it should, we have successfully installed our hardware. But then we go to what interests us is how to configure router and Jazztel from own software itself, as there could be less.

Turn on computer and type into your browser the following address:, then accessed with the following details: username admin, password admin.

Click Advanced Setup, WAN and click Edit now the connection that is already configured, and then Next until you reach the screen that asks us the username and password.

Put the information you have provided Jazztel (usually in the letter accompanying the kit that we have acquired,), and click Next again until you reach the page where it says Save. Push it to store all data.

In theory you might already have fully configured the ADSL connection. If not, we recommend calling for service from your operator.