Ateme EAVC4: New Video Codec for 4K

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Technology - Hardware
Friday, 15 June 2012 03:05

For you to see the 4K this is not a fad, but that the audiovisual industry is betting heavily on it, continue with more news on that decision. In this case we get from France, where ATEME (a company specializing in video compression) just introduced a new compression CODEC for video resolutions up to 4K. This new codec has been given the name discriptivo little EAVC4 , but significantly improves the quality and compression compared with current systems.

Designed to support both 4K and 8K resolution with 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 sampling with precision 14-bit encoded using AVC-Intra and as encoding, this CODEC EACV4 get any better up to 20% the width of band used in both interlaced and progressive video. Designed for mobile devices also allows the simultaneous encoding both iPad (up to Full HD 1080p), as for all types of smartphones and tablets based on Android in both CBR and VBR encoding.

Specially designed for new multi-core 64-bit, allowing optimization algorithms at various levels, as in the video stream in the GOP, frames or directly on the macroblocks. Ultimately, a choice to be reckoned with to improve efficiency in coding and transmission of audio and video at high resolutions.