DM2752 and M2752: HD monitors and television from LG

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Technology - Hardware
Wednesday, 30 May 2012 00:08

For those who need maximum use of space, LG has just introduced two new monitors that is sure to attract, since functions are also small TV room. These models DM2752 and M2752 , which can make 27-inch monitor functions perfectly well as TV.

Both teams have IPS panels, which ensure a correct view of the image even at extreme angles (in these models goes up to 178 ° with perfect visualization), and a good and faithful color reproduction. Equipped with various connections, highlight its dual HDMI port so you can have connected a PC while a Blu-ray, a STB or a satellite receiver. With advanced features like video PIP (Picture in Picture), you will be working with your PC, in a small window while you do not miss the soccer game of the moment. All thanks to the inclusion of a DTT-HD tuner, which is what enables the dual use of such equipment.

The big difference between the two models is that in the case of LG DM2752 also have 3D support with the inclusion of a panel supports 3D CINEMA. Using passive 3D technology, you can enjoy really easily and cheapest of the three dimensions. This team also convert 2D to 3D real time, so the lack of native 3D content would not necessarily be a problem. Both teams will be available in Europe starting next July, with a price to be determined.