Canon 4K monitor present at NAB 2012

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Technology - Hardware
Monday, 16 April 2012 00:59

Children, the NAB 2012 just started and it seems to me that the initials are not going to stop watching for the entire event will be the 4K . It seems that in the professional sector has been the rage of the three dimensions and imposing quality and final resolution of the image above other criteria could say ... crematístivos. Canon is the case, which has been taken to the letter and if this lesson last week and had two cameras with support for recording 4K, now it is the turn of the monitoring equipment. In fact, Canon has confirmed it will introduce its first 4K Broadcast Monitor this week .

The data are for the moment the team are more than minimal, but we know that will feature a panel of 30 inches. Clearly focused on the professional sector (filmmakers, post houses and photographers), will feature native 4K resolution and performance in line with an audience as demanding as it is the broadcast sector.

At the moment Canon speaks of the team presented at the NAB will be a "prototype", so it is not yet known definite date of departure to the sale, much less final technical specifications. In the event that finally comes to fruition, it seems that Canon also wants to enter the select group of companies dedicated to high-end monitors. We'll see how everything ends and will update when we have more data.