How to create an account on Dropbox?

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Technology - Hardware
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 16:54

Dropbox is currently the best file hosting free as it exists. Is this you can upload all types of files and files from photos, through video and pictures and finishing with documents. Today, for those who do not know how, I facilitate you how to create a Dropbox account, the easiest way, with images and videos.


Dropbox is already being copied by other services, imagine how good it is. And we have the ability to synchronize all files with the account you created earlier from our computer. If we copy a video to the Dropbox folder are automatically uploaded to file hosting without us having to open the browser.

How to create an account on Dropbox in pictures

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Video of how to create an account with Dropbox

Sure you want


Work for college and graduate

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Technology - Hardware
Friday, 26 April 2013 11:23

If you have ideas and / or projects are technology, computer science or are of the stuff that most catches your attention, we have found a business competition aimed at university that can resultaros interesting.


There are fewer opportunities there are to find a job or study on what really interests us, if we also have that for these positions require work experience in the field with which it is hard to tell if nobody gives the first opportunity, work what we love becomes a little complicated.

Therefore, this competition has caught my attention and I think at least can resultaros interesting, because if you do not get the chance to work on what you like why not develop your own ideas and carry them out?


How to participate in the labor

In this case, the job competition is promoted by Gumtree and directed towards university or people who are studying any college graduate in any Spanish.

The simple way to get involved is because you only have to upload your idea or your project before May 19 to Ideómetro , which personally I find it more complex is to have the idea or shape, but still time to do so.

Finally on May 27 will communicate who the winners and be announced June 10 participants who are will become part of the Marketing Department. In the first case, during the contest will present the ideas to companies and if you want to carry this out is talk directly to the author.



You can become a Project Manager for your project. In this case, Gumtree would be the intermediary between your idea and the company with which the project would take place, would count with a € 1,000 monthly payment until the completion of the project.

Working in the Marketing and Sales Department Gumtree might get if you present one of the three best ideas or projects, in this case you'd have a job for 6 months with a € 500 monthly payment.

At 15 best projects or ideas will be rewarded with 15 16GB iPad Retina.


What are the advantages of fiber optics ONO?

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Technology - Hardware
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 13:47

Day congratulations to us, Ono has launched a promotion that offers a maximum speed for customers. This is about the, known to all, Ono optical fiber, which comes with 50 megs more real national calls, plus free Wi-Fi and High. Spread that today is your last day to take advantage of at a price of 23.90 euros per month. Us what you have.


As expected, the phone company Ono, includes phone line and free national calls to landlines. But best of this rate is that if you hire and you will have a price of 23.90 euros per month for the first year. In addition you will enjoy a tariff without any commitment to stay. It's something to think right?

Plus you'll have 50 megs real, free Wifi and high, a few advantages of fiber optics ONO . If you're new to this, Ono offers the service to perform initial configuration of the first computer for free, something that should be an obligation for other companies and they do not, but if Ono.


ONO optical fiber is a good choice for users who want to enjoy the 50 megs more real market with a national calls to landlines, going into the Wifi and free high Ono, and with no fixed term. But if you add in addition to the monthly price will be 23.90 euros for the first year, improved, and much, offer the other.

I have already taken advantage of the offer, which is only today, optical fiber Ono and great advantages in their rates. Did you? to expect to be one of those who enjoy the 50 megs actual calls, wifi, high free and if commitment to stay for only 23.90 USD per month.


Create a professional website is very easy if you know how

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Technology - Hardware
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 10:46


When a company decides to create a web page, it asks the question: how do I? We have alternatives that we can use to create and manage our website. Today I'll show you the best way to create a web page, so that you are clear all the advantages.

When a company wants to create a web page, are quite clear that it ask: What comes in the top positions in Google searches, no more work than they already have and, above all, that is cheap. All this can be achieved in many ways. Achieve balance between key will each previous desire to be right with the chosen option and is what you get with Arsys, a Web hosting provider.

Web Hosting Provider


Today I want to talk about the web hosting supplier. One option that we would become a "clenching" of any trade, ie, these are options that facilitate web directories or web hosting providers, facilitating the creation of the website, whether with videos explaining the steps to follow, hundreds of templates and designs to choose from.

Arsys Webmaker


With your business Webmaker Arsys Internet will come alive in the simplest way, by following three steps. Arsys Web Maker fits your business with hundreds of templates to customize your page to your liking. You do not need any knowledge, design it is easier than you think. You can select maps, add video and / or images, connect with social networks, ... Even I can do it!


You can change and instantly see how your website is professional. With Arsys Webmaker of your business comes to life in the most simple Internet. It has very professional designs, with all the necessary technical assistance 24 hours a day. Now you can try for free the first 30 days and then will only euro 9.90 month.7


Hundreds of professional web designs

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