Samsung Galaxy S4: 10 million units sold in a month

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Friday, 17 May 2013 19:42
First impressions of the Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4, and a very good phone, could be the first device capable of standing up to the iPhone quarterly numbers. According to Samsung, will reach 10 million units next week, less than a month after its official launch.

The S4 Galaxy , Samsung went on sale less than a month ago, is about to exceed 10 million units, according to Shin Jong-kyun said, one of the CEO of the company, at an event in Seoul. The manager explained that S4 Galaxy sales will reach 10 million handsets over the next week.

This is an even more successful launch than the Galaxy S III, the most successful phone Samsung story , and until the arrival of the successor, the highest-end terminal that had the Korean company.

Samsung took 50 days to pass the 10 million mark with the S III. The S4 will be the first device '10 million seller' Samsung less than a month after its official debut.

Anyway, Galaxy S4 is still far from achieving equal about 50 million achieved its predecessor. However, to continue this pace would get beat the mark before year's end. In total, it is estimated that the Galaxy S range has more than 100 million phones sold, mainly thanks to the S III.

The great rival of Samsung in the smart phone market, Apple managed to sell 37.4 million iPhones in its last fiscal quarter (which was considered somewhat disappointing). Until now seemed unattainable figures for other companies (Samsung has a large volume of sales, but distributed among many devices), but Koreans may soon get some numbers similar to Apple.

Also soon have the help of a new version of Galaxy S4 that you can buy from the store of Google. This model, which initially only available in the United States, have the pure version of Android instead of the layer with Samsung devices, TouchWiz. This, coupled with the presumed ease of shopping and all the advantages of the device, you can make the S4 obtain a market share so far reserved for the iPhone.


Interview on Silicon News on Internet Day

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Friday, 17 May 2013 17:25

Enrique Dans: “La exclusión de la red es peor que el ostracismo” - Silicon News Nerea Bilbao , Silicon News, interviewed me via email on the occasion of the celebration of the "Internet Day", today May 17. I've never been very "internet day" and yes to "internet every day", which I find a recipe that really they need a lot of that sponsor and organize this "internet day" - particularly those that whenever politicians think internet evoke all the ills of Revelation - but the interview raised me well and I think has been quite profitable, surely controversial addition. We talked about the value of the network, its influence in all areas of daily life and the ability to do without it.

Nerea chose to name it the phrase " The network exclusion is worse than ostracism "which surely was considered more appropriate for the specified date the other party that appears in the URL of the page, automatically made ​​by the manager content from what was probably the first holder chosen "piracy does not exist or has never existed" ;-)


On the Internet and other global day stupid

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Technology - General
Friday, 17 May 2013 16:56
Internet day

Internet Day is useless. Nor much use most of the 116 days the UN recognizes global. These dates, which must be added the local, just get the attention of people. And most days ever arise satirical world.

Today, as every May 17 , marks the World Day Internet (actually, the World Day of Telecommunications and Information Society, according to the UN ). And, like every year, will not help, as it is a vacuous date in which no relevant activities. Its purpose, according to the UN again, is "aware of the possibilities that Internet use (...) can bring to societies and economies", in fact, only serves to politicians and companies take pictures, as in many of these global days.

This does not apply to everyone and that there are cases in which the mere fact that they speak of them can be relevant, as those who warn of a disease or situation. But in any case, are the least, because this type of action has been distorted by saturation. In 2013 this organization will commemorate 116 days, which will match the more local.

In fact, it is increasingly common for new emerging global day stupid comic with a clear purpose. No one can say that your goal is to laugh at this time, but that fight with officers for the title of the most hilarious.

World Day Talk Like A Pirate

This year is the 11th anniversary, so it's one of the oldest. And personally, this is one of my favorite world days. It does not take a genius to know what the World Day Talk Like a Pirate, although in some places has evolved and September 19 has become the day to party like a pirate.

Although it started as a joke between friends, no wonder you have managed to become an important date, because if there is something he loves Internet are pirates (not counting the cats, of course). It has also helped make it something deliberately absurd and your website is so vintage, as it finely.

Star Wars Day

Another of the world's most geeks days. The saga is possibly the most famous science fiction of all time (with permission of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica) got his day in a very peculiar way: with a pun.

Star Wars - a royal kiss (recreation of the wedding day first kiss of prince william and catherine middleton at the Buckingham Palace)

May the force be with you is undoubtedly one of the most iconic phrases from Star Wars. In English, May the Force be with you, that sounds a lot like May the fourth, May 4. Thus, at the beginning of the month of May you can celebrate the passion for the original trilogy (the most degenerate can also show your love for the prequels).

Interestingly, the end of May there is a similar day, the Geek Pride Day (unusual translation adopted in Spain to celebrate the Geek Pride Day). Why this date? The May 25, 1977 was released in the United States A New Hope, the first of the Star Wars movies.

March 21

The World Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination meets the requirements to appear on this list, and that continues to be a goal that most people will agree that you get your day and little else. Remember, be against assigning days as a way to clean consciences not supposed to be against what is supposed to try to defend. But if the March 21 on this list that's not why. It is because the twenty-first day of the third month of the year there are four other celebrations.

So, in 24 hours you also have to make room for the World Poetry Day, International Day of Nowruz (one ancestral festivity celebrating first day of spring), on World Down Syndrome Day and International Day of Forests and the tree. That is, playing about 4 hours and 48 minutes each.

The worst thing is that they have been recognized as official by the UN, except Poetry Day, which was designated by UNESCO (United Nations Organization for Education). When more dates available and the aim is to draw attention to something, do to compete with 4 other events is not the smartest solution. Not to mention the need to dedicate a day to forests and trees.

International Day of Copyright

For if the defense of copyright (with consequent attacks on Internet freedom that we celebrate today) did not already have enough allies, also a day on April 23. The best part? The same week that marks the Day of the Book and Copyright have on World Intellectual Property Organization, April 26.

In this case the stupidity of the day not only has to do with the theme of it (it is permissible to defend these rights, the problem is in the way this defense is exercised), but with duplicity and of course, with the futility . It has been shown that most of the methods that are used to prevent protected content downloads do not work and, of course, do something as stale as devote a day to it, it will not help. The industry must evolve and look to the future, not the past.

World Philosophy Day

The World Philosophy Day was born in 2002. It was created by UNESCO to "honor philosophical reflection in the entire world" free and accessible open spaces. Its aim, says this organization is "to encourage people around the world to share their philosophical heritage and to open their minds to new ideas and inspire public debate between intellectuals and civil society".

The World Philosophy Day is one of those days traveling world, ie it does not have a specific date, it is assigned the third Thursday of November. This year on the third Thursday in November is 21, World Television Day .

Anyway, these are just some examples of ridiculous world days, but there are many more. Thus, some concepts are too vague, as the International Day of Families or the International Friendship Day, while others may be surprising today (International Day Mail). There are also cases of long days that are comical, as the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, or IDPEEWAC, or the International Day for the Right to the Truth about Big Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims, IDRTGRVDV.


Enjoy the power of sound with BeoLab 14

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Technology - General
Friday, 17 May 2013 12:21


Bang & Olufsen launches a unique surround sound system. The BeoLab 15 has a different design and makes him one of the most amazing sound systems in the market, which helps separate amplifiers in active units. If you enjoy the latest technology in sound BeoLab 14 is your signature, and we tell you all.


BeoLab 14 has a bass center unit has 8 inch with 280 W of power. In this sound system to find the connections and five satellite speakers which include five individual amplifiers 140 W each, a digital signal processor technologies together to Adaptive Bass Linearisation and has a switch to adapt to the room.

The beauty of surround sound BeoLab 14 is hard to describe in words the experience we enjoy is amazing. Its design fits both mysticism oriented as the most Nordic minimalism, adapting to all tastes and best of any decorating environment.


Main features of the BeoLab 14

BeoLab 14 has a spatial sound and understated. You can see how it expands the room where encuenta and how you can go enjoy every nuance of sound.

You have complete freedom with the decor without suffering any interference with its infinite combinations and placement options.

You can use it for any TV model, although it is Bang & Olufsen, to enjoy the full power of surround sound.

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