BlackBerry Messenger llegará a iOS y Android

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 18:03
BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry just announced something that had been rumored a lot and that never materialized: BlackBerry Messenger will open to other platforms and hit iOS and Android this summer.

Today, besides being celebrated the launch of the new Lumia, was also the day that started the BlackBerry Jam, the conference held each year in Orlando BlackBerry. After presenting the BlackBerry Q5 , the company just frosting hell with a totally unexpected announcement: BlackBerry Messenger will come to iOS and Android this summer .

Indeed, open the sanctum sanctorum BlackBerry company to other platforms, a fact that had been rumored on more than one occasion (long before the arrival of Heins as CEO of the company) and finally materializes in a clear conflict of place within the race BBM instant messaging where heavyweights compete Line, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Viber.

And what comes BlackBerry Messenger platform? BBM, as mentioned, come to iOS and Android as well stay home, ie BlackBerry. With this commitment, the company expands its area of ​​influence and take advantage of the services that greater penetration of its terminals had gotten out of the corporate environment and, in this way, at least, maintain the existing plant preventing it from leaking into other instant messaging services and, eventually, did not see the sense to use the terminals for this manufacturer. For iOS devices, BlackBerry Messenger is available for terminals from iOS 6 or higher and Android devices, BBM will be available for handsets with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher.

bbm-platform - BlackBerry Messenger comes to Android and iOS this summer

Anyway, following the speech BlackBerry CEO himself, this gamble may have a very different reading can also help attract new users, an opening to other platforms to bring BlackBerry services and show finally that nuance differentiator for the company as "service" (another of his strengths). From BES 10 or earlier with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, the company had put the focus on the services and the ability to interoperate with third-party devices, which now see outside the professional segment BBM expansion and expect to continue to expand with groups, IP calls or channels, that is, providing the full experience of BBM on iOS and Android.

Anyway, the release is still subject to client approval by Apple and Google respectively but certainly is a high impact news and another example of the new style that Heins is giving BlackBerry and broad vision that seems to be giving the company.


NVIDIA Shield will be released in June and will cost $ 349

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Technology - General
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 17:48

After its presentation at CES, we had not had any news of Project SHIELD, NVIDIA's handheld console. The company has finally broken his silence to announce it goes on sale next month of June at a price of $ 349.99.

During the past CES back in January, NVIDIA introduced the Project SHIELD , a handheld that caught enough attention during the event and showed us a device that looks like console command, an integrated display of 5 inches and all supported on this processor Tegra 4 . The device generated great expectations since its introduction and one of the first questions many people raised was the sale price and the date on which the handheld console would be able to buy. Looks like we had to wait almost five months to answer us these questions since NVIDIA has made ​​official the price of NVIDIA Shield, which will amount to $ 349 and you can buy the next June.

Already at CES, the company warned that Shield would not be a product cheap because the core business that has shaped this device NVIDIA lies precisely in selling portable console, from there, it opens a market for partners who decide to go for this device that is capable of running high-powered Android games and, even, we could provide a different experience of game titles that are released for PC.

What is special about this console? For those who do keep in mind which means NVIDIA Shield, we are talking about a handheld based on Android 4.2.1 and has a retina display screen 5-inch 720p HD, 16 GB of internal storage, SD expansion a slot, HDMI output, microphone and a high processing capacity thanks to the Tegra 4. An impressive hardware can order from 20 May (to make one in a discrete number of partners in the U.S.) and will go on sale before the end of next June.

As for the availability of content, for the purchase of the console users will have pre-installed two sets ("Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2" and "Expendable: Rearmed") and, in addition, NVIDIA has announced the launch of 5 new titles on this platform: "Broken Age", "Costume Quest", "Flyhunter: Origins", "Skiing Fred" and "Chuck's Challenge" that add to the list of games already announced as "Conduit", "Tainted Keep" , "Real Boxing" or the classic "GTA Vice City", games that stand out for its load chart. If we add the ability to play PC games, even if it's in beta phase , the possibilities are quite interesting Shield NVIDIA and promise a summer in which we hear so much about this device.


New HTC One: Most Geek

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 13:27

For the new launch of HTC One was launched a casting in which the most mobile geek and football have found their place, of 800 entries and 300 participants have chosen 11 people who give life to the ideals of this mobile.


11 people were sought that could physically and emotionally emulate the concept it represents the new HTC One , a phone that we present a design and character, confident, where you can carry your entire life with you at any time and place.

Football was the leading topic of casting, had to be able to present themselves and viewing HTC One from a football and a free theme, enhancing personal values ​​of each in order to become unique, to prove they are the best.


This we have seen in the selection of players, with 11 selected 11 different views:

  • Alejandra del Teso: He played a capella We are the Champions by Queen.
  • Ana Feijoo, did a monologue versed on how you would like to become Victoria Beckham.
  • Ana Piedad García Rodríguez, composed a song about how it feels to watch a game.
  • Angel Fernandez Lara made ​​a flamenco choreography to express soccer
  • Basem Nahnouh Sousa, Break Dance display while driving a football.
  • Francisco Alvarez Herráez, in just a minute drew the shot of a ball with the logo of HTC.
  • Javier Sanz Aguilar, using the example of Maradona, took the artistic side football   Freestyle tricks and juggling.
  • Jimena Coronado, recalling his childhood shared the story that instead of playing with dolls with her ​​friends itched to touch on the ball and still does.
  • Juan Gabriel Fontine, a mixture of show from Street Dance and soccer.
  • Nuria Bare, surprised with an original interpretation about what for her is the sport.
  • Ziyi Yang, perhaps the most striking or more original because it presented a Chinese contemporary dance with a balloon and in turn, made ​​a box made ​​of ink showing the Ying and Yang symbolized through a soccer ball as a universal sport representing human nature.

If you want to see it for yourself, here's the video:


Pharmaceutical, politics, red and transparency

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 11:05

Limpiando el cristal In the United States, a law has forced pharmaceutical companies to disclose all amounts paid to doctors and concepts. Fifteen of them have already done so, and ProPublica has taken the trouble to collect the information that was in many cases difficult to analyze formats, organize it into a comprehensive database, and present it so that anyone can go to your page " Dollars for Docs ", enter the name of a doctor, and see how much has entered from these companies and how concepts.

Querying the database is revealing in many ways. I can see how my daughter's pediatrician when we lived in Los Angeles has never received anything, while my wife's allergist, for example, has taken between 2009 and 2012 over one hundred thousand dollars in concepts such as conferences, consulting and travel companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Cephalon, Merck and AstraZeneca. Could contrast the commonly prescribed medications to check possible influences, or just thinking how bad (or good, or suspect, or whatever you think of the topic) that a medical professional maintains a consultant and as a lecturer activity that level. We can see, too, the practices of companies: several dozen companies have not revealed yet despite that information being required, while other formats have made impossible or difficult to analyze. Some companies have created to provide education to physicians, that being independent does not reveal the payments they make to physicians they hire as teachers, while others face high payments to a doctor named Dont Knw course in California, to another living in Anywhere, Ill., or one located in Anytown, Texas. To cite cases that appear without name, or initials, or ... no absolute transparency is probably impossible to achieve. But at least, it appears that, although hard, is attempted.

While, it is still the head pasárseme it is important that this transparency, and how sad things are in the country I live. The level of transparency that is trying to achieve in the United States with the pharmaceutical (from August this year, all these data will be published regularly on a Government website) makes me when I compare disgrace to our country and political activity. I live in a country in which the same politicians who pass a funding bill for their parties, the breach then by something as crass as donations split smaller payments, while doing perfectly possible to check with what exactly evidence that these companies bought by such practices. And nothing happens, or who receives, or who fails to deliver the law objectively. Nobody is embarrassed in the least, it looks like something completely natural. Politicians are bought as casually as who buy a soda when you're hot, and nothing ever happens. I remember those years when I had to who boasted of how he deceived Finance.

Act? Transparency? Here, it seems that we must settle for a transparency law that does not recognize the right of access to information as a fundamental right, which does not include all public institutions, which excludes the auxiliary information (notes, drafts, opinions, summaries, communications and internal reports of bodies or administrative agencies) essential to understand and follow the decision-making process that does not end with administrative silence, and that does not have something as obvious as an independent oversight body is not judge and jury to When deciding on a dispute. Things so evident, that causes real fear thinking what a law intended so little those who have designed and presented.

The network is to make things transparent. To clean the glass. To remove grime. That gunk that in this country we have to smell every time we sit down to read the press, day in and day out, that dirt that wears everything, even the desire to get to do anything. To reach a low demand for transparency, it seems that we will have to leave at least a generation ...

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