Google Search also incorporates major innovations

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 21:16

During the Google I / O 2013 also abounded developments in Google Search, including voice control for web and desktop version of the search engine.

The son consented Google has also received great news for this Google I / O 2013 that has been performing today. Among the new features in Google Search notes the arrival of the "conversation mode" which is nothing more than the voice control search engine even in its desktop version, which also respond to voice as if it were an intelligent virtual assistant . All this with only the order to tell the search engine "OK, Google".

Starting with the basics, including Google Search News have significantly improved the search results (say), including the interpretation of the search to display the most relevant information and not only public results and information links that often had nothing sense. They add more languages ​​support special or outstanding responses offered by the search engine, through cards.

Another great feature is that the system searching Knowledge Graph data adds information and our email and calendar (while we logged into our Google account), which means that from the search engine can even get personal results related to the we have in our emails, giving easier and faster for the user to find what they are looking for.


But of course the most striking new feature for the user is the new desktop search system controlled by voice, and that just say "OK, Google" (as well as activate the Google Glass) system is activated and platform also will give us answers by voice, or by cards in the style of Google Now.

Unfortunately, we do not know when this feature will enjoy worldwide, because for a limited time will be available in the U.S. starting this month.


Web pages created course

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Technology - General
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 16:04

Course Web creation , design and create web pages.

The number of Internet users in the world is about 2,000 million every day many businesses and individuals looking to create a website. If you want to familiarize yourself and learn how to create web pages, the course web page creation is the tool that will help you get it.


Whether you're a fan of computer world as if you already have knowledge, the course web page creation will help in the process of how to create websites.

To create web pages there are various methods and programs that make it easier to terea.

  • You'll have to create files or files that are composing the page
  • You will need an Internet address, such as: www ..... is or. Com or. Net etc
  • Need a hosting on a server on the Internet, that's where you will place your website.

What is a web server?

It is another computer that is always on and connected to the network.

  • First web is built up within your hard drive and then send it to the web server
  • There are also places online where you can create your website directly on line.
curso creacion paginas web

How do I create files in a web page?

If you are an expert in programming and dominate you with HTML you can delve into the language behind the web pages

If you prefer not to have to use an HTML editor programs are different websites. These programs allow you to create a simple web form, you will not have to be an expert in HTML language.

In the course of creating web pages can improve your knowledge, create web pages for you, your friends or even create a professional websites.

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Feedly: explorando modelos freemium

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Technology - General
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 13:51

free In Feedly have begun to explore the possibilities of something many wore while commenting: model freemium . And they have done following their usual way of doing things, asking a lot, researching and valuing price sensitivity different benefits and potential through customer surveys . As it should be in our times, when bidirectional communication with the client is just a click away.

When he reached the flood of refugees Feedly for Google Reader (more than three million accounts opened in a few weeks), many began to consider who would not, for a tool that accorded much importance and centrality in the information ecosystem as a reader feed, depending on a service to be fragile or complex continuity prospects. After the horrible experience with Google, which goes to show that using the products of a large company is not a guarantee of anything if you decide to change by lining the interest of its members, the idea of becoming dependent on a small startup of something more than twenty people to read the news was kind of a call for caution. However, the impeccable Feedly strategy regarding efforts in successive updates, ongoing communication with your customers and the commitment to learn the use made of their product are convincing many that we can stand in front of something very good prospects. The freemium model could help significantly to this: Interestingly, Google has put many in a position where we prefer to pay and contribute to viable we decided to use tool.

Freemium models are certainly very complex. The free part undoubtedly contributes to the expansion of the user base, but also generates an anchoring effect of the price around very low amounts: Feedly survey speculates an interval between the dollar and ten dollars a month, leaving open also an option for "I do not generate enough value to pay for it." But undoubtedly, be able to open the door to a stream of income generation, for example, two dollars per month multiplied by a conversion rate reasonable in their several million customers a possibility to keep in mind in the face of speculate on the future potential of the company.

The key is precisely what conversion rate is reasonable premium free to get. In freemium models, the danger is alienating the user base with inadequate mix: put too much weight on performance in the premium model, and free side will feel aggrieved, and your growth will suffer. Present the model as an option focused on ensuring continuity of product, but retains enough weight on the free part is essential. But the opposite also applies reasoning: if the proposed differential premium features on the side is not appealing enough, the conversion rate will be very low, simply because it lacks interest.

There are multiple versions of freemium models , and is having a general consensus on how they operate. It is often assumed that removing free side benefits already enjoyed by users and pass them without further next premium is complex, which often leads to a significant cost in reputation. For Feedly, searching the stored feeds or read might be a very good proposal because precisely is appreciated and considered interesting by heavy users, for which we use the tool focused on the professional (read news and have a good organization of informational inputs assumed an increasingly important part of the professional dedication of many people).

I recently had the opportunity to have in my class at IE Business School as invited two people from Evernote , John McGeachie (VP of Sales) and Emma Page (Business Accounts Manager EMEA), which among many other interesting topics touched precisely the development of its freemium model. For Evernote, the freemium model conversion is very high with respect to the usual rates precisely because the user tends to consider applying more and more useful as using it, either by increasing the number of services used or by increasing the frequency of use. In many cases, thought follows a scheme such as "I'm drawing a lot of value in this tool, I will contribute to it", and perfectly studied Evernote had a 'customer life cycle "that came to predict when it was more likely that pass it from one option to the other. That, coupled with a very precise calculation of the average cost per user (progressively lowered thanks to lower costs of cloud storage and computing in general) led to a profitable model. If we add a platform strategy that allows feeding the product value proposition with ideas from external developers, we reply to all those who speak of the network as a wasteland for business course in which "all users want everything for free "... that statement is simply nonsense that comes from those who do not understand the network.

Understanding and using the freemium model is undoubtedly one of the major topics to be developed in the evolution of the network and of the economy in the future.


Is it a good idea to offer BlackBerry BBM on iOS and Android?

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 03:31
Thorsten Heins BlackBerry

BlackBerry has announced it will open this summer BlackBerry Messenger to other platforms, ie BBM will be available on iOS and Android. Is it a good decision to open one of the company's differentiated services to competition? What do you intend BlackBerry with this?

The truth is that the day today has been pretty full of news and releases from the new Lumia 925 or the BlackBerry Q5. These days being held in Orlando the BlackBerry Jam, the annual conference BlackBerry (RIM before) celebrated around your products and services, an event whose initial keynote has given much of himself and where he has made ​​an announcement quite striking: BlackBerry Messenger hit iOS and Android this summer. While it was something that had always been rumored, many have been shocked by this turn of BlackBerry and even point to the end of the company. Personally I do not think you have to exaggerate much and see it basically as something quite natural but it is still a gamble but, even so, is it a good idea to offer BlackBerry BBM on iOS and Android?

Before the summer ends, and if Apple and Google give green light to the application, BlackBerry Messenger land on iOS (for devices with iOS 6 or higher) and Android (from Ice Cream Sandwich) leading rivals BlackBerry platforms one differential values ​​of the company's mobile messaging service BlackBerry, a pioneer in the field.

BBM Android and iOS hit for free, that is, for now there are no plans to monetize the service on these platforms but, yes, the entry will be gradual and slowly the company expects to add the groups, or IP calls channels, ie, providing the full experience of BBM on iOS and Android. To some extent, this decision was something that has always been in the air and we've been hearing rumors since Balsilliee-Lazaridis duo captained the company at the time it was still called RIM.

BlackBerry 9100 - BlackBerry is a good idea to offer BBM on iOS and Android?

In the hardest time of the crisis of the company before the launch of BlackBerry 10 and the output of "CEOs duo" always spoke BlackBerry cleavage into two companies, one focused on services and another focused on the hardware. In fact, the services sector in its goal seemed to open up to other platforms and, if you look a little on the evolution of RIM's products, BES 10 and BBM are two of the first services platform as RIM BES 10 allows configuration management of heterogeneous terminals parks, namely Android and iOS in addition to BlackBerry.

Anyway, it is quite logical to ask some questions about this announcement and if, indeed, BlackBerry will come out of it stronger and will regain lost ground in recent times. It is not unreasonable to consider that if BBM is on iOS or Android, what need is there to buy a BlackBerry terminal? The question is interesting precisely because it has always been one of the reasons for the expansion plans have been completed BBM being held back by the executives of the company, but while this approach poses a risk also brings some advantages since it introduces BlackBerry as more than a manufacturer of terminals and which also offers value-added embodied in tools business management (BES 10) and a messaging system (BBM) is very complete and where security is one of its greatest assets.

When it comes to instant messaging WhatsApp tend to think or Line as the best positioned in the market in terms of number of users, but for comparison it is important to consider certain nuances and in this case, the nuances count for much. In addition to safety, we must not lose sight of the advantageous position that has BlackBerry in Latin America where PIN (which is the popular name of BBM) is widespread among users and have made ​​the region as a bastion for BlackBerry. The 55 million active users of BBM is a powerful instrument to drive BlackBerry 10, which RIM wants to exploit open BBM to iOS and Android and counteract the advance of Android in emerging markets.

BlackBerry Q5 2 - Is it a good idea to offer BlackBerry BBM on iOS and Android?

How to fight Android Android promoting a new service? It may seem strange but BBM and your users can be a powerful tool for recruitment to BlackBerry 10 and, especially, the Q5. If experience with BBM is good, BlackBerry 10 is a competitive platform over my friends and family are in BBM is it worth purchasing a low-end Android handset where the user experience leaves much to be desired? Personally, I'd rather bet on the BlackBerry Q5, logical reasoning may be what BlackBerry has in his head.

WhatsApp and Line are well placed in the market very hard to beat but still have their shortcomings and BBM but not overall majority, it is in many countries and this is a tactical advantage that no company is willing to let go without at least some resistance to oppose.

BlackBerry Is wrong with this move? Do not think it's something lightly, much less signing your own death sentence, it is a plan that was always present in the company to enhance its role as provider of quality services, no doubt, it is a gamble that if successful will strengthen the company's position in the markets in which it has an advantage and, in the case to go wrong, you can put BlackBerry back into the position of having to choose between hardware or services (something I have spent some companies such as IBM).

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