The Cosmonaut, Spanish first film financed by crowdfunding, hits theaters

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Thursday, 16 May 2013 01:49
The Cosmonaut (Lánzanos)

The play, directed by Nicolas Alcala, was supported by more than 5,000 people, raising through crowdfunding about 400,000 euros. This week opens in theaters, television and the Internet.

The Cosmonaut, science fiction film directed by Nicolas Alcala, reaches critical mass this week. The project , supported by 5000 people, has become the first Spanish film supported thanks to crowdfunding, having beaten a real record collection with more than 400,000 euros achieved.

The Cosmonaut has been a totally groundbreaking and innovative initiative in the film industry. The film, licensed Creative Commons, could be supported at the time for only 2 euros, so that the users could be promoters and distributors of the film.

At first the idea meant only a short film, and with this project in mind, Alcala and his team took to the pool. In other words, they began to borrow money from their friends, providing merchandising in exchange. That crazy initiative culminates this week with the presentation of the film, and its global premiere on May 18 at 20:30, simultaneously in cinemas, television (Canal +) and the Internet, plus the launch of the DVD.

But Cosmonaut is actually more than just a film supported by crowdfunding pioneer. Nicolas Alcala's work revolves around this film, but in fact this is just the beginning of a true story evolving.

From the film itself, has built a true parallel universe, with over 34 films, a book written by one of the characters and even a story broadcast on Facebook, thus extending the story told. So what is The Cosmonaut a movie? Yes and no. Actually, the film is to be interpreted as a true masterpiece, with a storyline that grows, articulating through his characters. We can not forget also that the film and how they have managed to create it have the approval of the public since before its release.

His idea has tried from the beginning to break with traditional distribution model, which assumes that the films have to go through the display windows system, something classic and demanded by theaters. Therefore, Nicolas Alcala's bid was certainly risky as having sought to "Micro distributors" worldwide, which help promote the film.

The success in finance and mount Cosmonaut has been clear, even though his company in the early utopian fancied. The work , from now on, you must go through the filter of the public, and then check whether or not the story gets hooked. For now, the film tells the fictional story of the first Russian cosmonaut is already on everyone's lips. Time will tell whether this model ultimately filmmaking is imposed to renew the traditional work of the film industry.


Valve introduces Steam cards collectibles

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 23:59
steam trading cards

This new feature that Valve has launched today, offering players the chance to collect cards and redeem for virtual Unique prizes in the platform.

Gabe Newell and others responsible for Steam just find another way to get us in a spectacular gaming platform PC and Mac This time it's a new achievement system, so to speak, that we will complete as we play more and more. Valve just announced and launched Steam colccionables cards, we will get as we play and we can share with our friends on the platform. More geek, impossible.

The style of sports trading card, Magic: The Gathering, or any other, Steam now offers a virtual card collection collection that we can trade for some items, such as accessories for game characters, medals Steam or redeemed for coupons , emoticons, backgrounds exclusive to the profile page, and in some cases for games or additional content for games.

Today the public beta launch of Steam Trading Cards where we can register, and start trying to get some of these cards, in the best way possible: playing.

Yes, to be just a testing phase, very few titles that we can play to start getting these cards. The full list to date includes:

  • Do not Starve.
  • Dota 2.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • Team Fortress 2.
  • Portal 2.
  • Half-Life 2.

In the official statement ensures that gradually be adding more titles to this list to include all (or at least most) games on their extensive catalog. This system is in addition to the traditional Steam achievements, and also to that of other medals and Badges that we provide, so that gives us a reason to go on and on playing through this amazing platform has become without doubt the favorite of all PC gamers.

Since right now you can request access to the beta and start testing this new social function and Steam achievements, with the only requirement to have one or more of the aforementioned games.


Google Maps is also renewed for the web

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Technology - General
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 21:52

During the Google I / O 2013, have also been announced developments in Google Maps for the Web, in conjunction with mobile ads. Maps now has a brand new interface.

This long conference Google I / O 2013 has been full of news for the most popular services the search giant. Maps could not be the exception, and therefore announced great news for the mobile world related to the system of maps and mapping house. However, mobile phones are not the only market that these ads are covering. Developments in Google Maps also come to the web version of the platform, and in spectacular fashion, with a completely revamped interface and more.

The interface can be seen in this renovadísima mapping platform is virtually covering the entire screen, using a system of "letters" or cards like Google Now for the user to request and obtain information and results related to what you're looking .


However, one of the new features that make it more useful and practical for the user is that each user can have "their own maps", which will be customized depending on your needs, your location and what you learn from the platform user thanks to investigate the use which gives the application, all while we are connected to a Google account.

These new maps, clarify, vector and will be rendered with WebGL. In addition, most countries incorporate Street View and add new features in the function that displays inside buildings, shopping malls and business, with a look that looks great and very detailed. Of course this last feature if not available, but in limited territories.

-Local map

Finally have integrated the use of Street View in Google Earth directly without having to use a plugin to facilitate user experience and expand the use of the same on all platforms with greater speed and simplicity. As a detail, the views of Street View and Earth now are so spectacular, we can even see the Earth and clouds surrounding it in real time, and to admire the wonderful view of the Earth at night from space.

Currently, new Earth maps and website are not available to everyone, but we can check in the official website to request an invitation and be among the first to try these great new features.


Google introduces new version of Google Maps for iOS and Android

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Technology - General
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 21:32
Google Maps at Google IO 2013

Google has announced a new version of Google Maps for iOS and Android that unifies the experience on both platforms and also be optimized to give the best of himself on tablets, including the iPad.

Another service that is not "want to lose" the opening keynote of the Google I / O 2013 is Google Maps. We expected developments in Google Maps since we saw this morning that had leaked some details regarding the news of the Google Maps service. 200 countries are already mapped in the service, whether directly through Google or through third-party data and the 200th country was none other than the "great unknown" North Korea and, with respect to Street View, are already 50 countries photographed at street level.

However, Google Maps milestones would not be the only stars of this keynote and it was time to talk about the next generation of Google Maps. One of the strengths of Google Maps is the information stored to offer routes or locate sites with a view to maximizing the value we can draw from this data, Google has announced a new version of Google Maps for both Android phones for iOS.

In this new version of Google Maps, users can locate establishments, access location information (chips as those found in the search) since the information that we find will be the same as we will see in the search, ie , all such information shall be horizontal geo Google services. And also important not to forget that iOS and Android finally have a homogenized user experience because the application will offer the same functionality on both platforms.

New Google Maps for iOS and Android

Besides improving Google Maps for iOS and Android and upload local content (a whole pulse against services like Yelp or Foursquare), another new browser is displayed, ie GPS navigation using Google Maps. While Google Maps and traffic information offered us (whether in media and in some cases, real-time), this type of information is integrated from now in the browser with the idea to further optimize routes and improve Navigation "step by step".


Another interesting detail is that Google will offer an experience optimized for tablets which will build the screen size of these devices, an improvement that will come this summer both Android tablets and the iPad.

A very interesting evolution of Google Maps that certainly puts a clear advantage in the field of geolocation and maps in the area of ​​mobility. Much will have to improve if Apple maps actually aspire to surpass Google Maps.

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