Jazztel: self-managed services to modify the performance of your ADSL

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Thursday, 16 May 2013 10:49

hosting If you have purchased the ADSL service Jazztel perhaps you have overlooked the control panel your client area : a website viejuno look really vintage, little or no current and the odd broken link that will not anywhere. Within it, there is a link called self-managed services from which you can directly modify various characteristics of your voice line (deviations blockades and restrictions of calls, speed dialing, hiding numbers, etc.) And what we will modify the ADSL profile of your choosing this of four different proposals.

Panel de control de clientes de Jazztel - Servicios autogestionados

Available profiles are, as we said four: the proposed default (which they called Best), one called Interactive promises to reduce your latency (to improve the online gaming experience) and an additional two to maximize the download speed ( Turbo down) or rise (Turbo up). From the panel there is a link labeled as statistics from which you can make and sprints from which you have obtained most of the data in the following table. I have measured latency with this other test . The connection that I have hired is up to 20 Megas ADSL.

Lowering speed
Upload speed
Noise Margin
Optimum 13467 Kbps 1022 Kbps 23.0 dB 9.0 dB 32 ms
Interactive 12750 Kbps 999 Kbps 23.0 dB 7.9 dB 9 ms
Turbo down 14674 Kbps 1022 Kbps 23.0 dB 6.2 dB 31 ms
Turbo Up 11233 Kbps 1315 Kbps 24.1 dB 9.5 dB 30 ms
NOTE: The attenuation shown in Jazztel test is down. The rise is usually around 10dB. In the margin there is often noise sensitive differences between the two although the rise is usually slightly higher than the downstream.

As you can see the changes are significant, especially for two of the profiles: the interactive with that achieved, as promised, a decrease latency radical line (above 70%) and specific increases that achieves nearly 30% increase in this parameter, compared to the default profile.

Two caveats: Do not stay only with changes "beautiful" and check also out the column called Noise Margin. The lower the number in that column higher the instability of the line and the likelihood of transmission errors. Turbo profiles down and Interactive are worst off. Moreover, the number of profile changes is limited to four daily but then always let you return to Optimal.

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On technology, the future and science fiction

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Technology - General
Thursday, 16 May 2013 09:49

DOMK-Doctorow Sometimes it's interesting to stop and put the technology landscape in perspective. Some years ago I read " Down and out in the magic kingdom , "a sci-fi novel that I found genuinely very good, written by Cory Doctorow , one of the authors of Boing Boing , Journalist and Activist, who keep daily wherever write. The novel, published in February 2003, is available for download in every format imaginable , in , or on Google Books and describes a scenario in which people can communicate through subvocalization (a technique to exchange messages through an alternative channel visible only to those involved in it) and the economy moves through Whuffie , a currency based on personal reputation, which we evaluate by a visible indicator as augmented reality when we look at a person.

A sentence beginning of the book that defines this context:

I took a moment to conjure a HUD With His Whuffie score on it. I had to resize the window - I had too many zeroes to fit on my standard display "

Now think about the present moment: through facial recognition biometric technology has existed for some time now and incorporated as normal use applications like Picasa or iPhoto, could hypothetically recognize a person to just watch her face and look for some of its parameters a database. If we were looking at that person through our Google smartphone or Glass, we could superimpose the same image with your meter indicator reputation, Klout.

In the case of Google Glass, which has an open development platform for developers, it's all just a developer that has wanted to begin creating the application, not even have to be the one to do it Google itself (there is already an application to take pictures with just winking Glass, a feature that Google had initially built the device and enables a more surreptitious). Of course, when hypothetically pay for the coffee you simply take with that person, you should take your wallet and use coins, bills or a credit card: your Klout still serves for little more time to pay.

In less than a decade, much of science fiction described in the book has become perfectly possible, and forces us to take into consideration or controversial connotations nor could we ever imagine very recently, not many people who read less about these issues may even come to understand ...


Google I / O 2013: All new First Day

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Technology - General
Thursday, 16 May 2013 04:10
google io

A brief summary of the most important announcements presented during the first day of Google I / O 2013. From big announcements like instant messaging application of the house and improvements in their development platforms to large absent.

On the first day of Google I / O 2013, the conference awaited each year by many Android developers and users and other Google products, as well as technology enthusiasts, we had many mixed feelings when witnessing live and via streaming more than 3 ½ hours duration of this conference. Big announcements were made, it would be impossible to deny, but equally, there was also great faults, so many of us were hoping for more, especially as it relates to the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. Here you will find a complete summary of this first day of Google I / O 2013, plus relevant links for detailed information on each point.

The incredible growth of Android, and many improvements to the platform for development

The mobile operating system Android is the most popular product search engine, and the importance to the company is undeniable, given his public simply to grow at a rate so incredible 1.5 million Android device activations each day. This has made ​​to date have already exceeded 900 million Android users in the world, according to the official report at the conference.

But Google wants more. In fact, such is their goal mentioned: "If there are 7 billion people on Earth, there is still much to do." And that is why in addition to users, plan to keep developers happy, so they have announced a number of improvements and new incredible in their SDK and API development from notifications synchronized across multiple devices to Android Studio , the new platform to program for Android which, according to our colleagues at Engadget: "adapts to the real needs of the developers."

New Android gaming platform and redesign of Google Maps

Finally, after many rumors we heard about it, Google has introduced Google Play Games , its own gaming platform on mobile devices Android and Chrome, which also will also be available for iOS with the clear aim to compete with Game Center. In this case, we have some obvious features but is more attractive as a ranking of players, trophy system and the ability to create or join online multiplayer, which gamers certainly missed on these devices.

In the case of Google Maps, has received a complete facelift both in its web version , as in the version for mobile fixture by .

The new Maps looks simply spectacular, which includes use of the entire display and a new system that will allow the user to have their own maps, based on their searches, their favorite places and recommendations of their circles on Google+, making mapping platform more social, if desired by the user.

A pure Android Galaxy S4

On this occasion, Google, no new Nexus family member, but if we were pleased by surprise with a very special version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has the remarkable difference that operating system uses Android in its purest and layer Samsung TouchWiz.


The so-called "Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition" could be the mobile that many were expecting, because it leverages the full potential of high-end terminal Korean, but having released factory bootloader and original stock Android ROM, the same as bring all the Nexus, so this terminal will not have to wait when it is released an updated operating system, unlike the original S4, among many other software differences.

Google Search Google+ renovated and enhanced

The company headed by Larry Page is with determination that Google+ will become the face to face rival Facebook, and at some point be the most used social platform in the world. Although still far from the end, each update that made ​​the platform comes with many new features, design increasingly nice new features (such as "Communities") with those who want to enhance the platform.

Today, they have completely changed the design of Google+ , is now much more attractive, but certainly what is striking is how amazing have improved the way we climb the photos to this platform, incorporating simple tools for edit images and more.

Its search engine, the first product of the house, has been enhanced with more personal results and also now has support for voice commands , in the style of Google Now. Not only that, presented Music All Access as a clear rival to Spotify and streaming music services with more interesting features, but priced a little high compared to the competition.

New messaging platform Hangouts

Another major releases in this I / O 2013 has been the renewed application of Google Hangouts , which leads to the Mountain View market finally instant messaging platform, offering a replacement for Gtalk and Google+ Messenger Hand of an application available for Android, iOS and Chrome, with a very attractive interface and even integrating group video calling thanks to the old known as Hangouts. Without doubt the best I saw in this event.

The notable absentees

Not a new Nexus 7 as a Nexus 4 white or X Motorola Phone, or even a new version of Android. In this conference three hours many would say they missed their big players, the products that the audience expected to see. There are still two days of I / O but we can forget about Android 4.3 on this date, so we look forward to at some point over the next few months to learn about the new version of the Android mobile operating system green, and maybe some finally justifies terminal (with the permission of the patent portfolio) more than 12 billion dollars spent on the purchase of Motorola.


Surface Pro, on May 30 in Spain

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Technology - General
Thursday, 16 May 2013 03:05
Surface Pro

  • Available in Spain on May 30
  • Surface Pro arrives to join Surface RT, already on the market
  • Apart from Spain, comes the same day to other European countries

Almost a year. That's what you had to wait who will be raised with a Surface Pro when it announced on June 19, until you can buy it in Spain. After this long, long period of waiting, Microsoft has announced a specific date for its availability: May 30, who wants to become a Surface Pro in Spain and you can buy it, after rumors that placed this launch sometime between May and June.

There are several details of the landing of Surface Pro in Spain as yet unknown, as your money. So far only found for sale in the United States, China and Canada, prices started from $ 899 for the basic version of 64 GB of storage. Have to wait and see what the final price set in Europe by Microsoft, although it should not move away from this figure, since something similar happened with the Surface RT .

Surface Pro brings an Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 10.6-inch 16:9 screen with Full HD 1920 x 1080, two cameras 720p, and 64 or 128 GB of storage. What we do not yet have a specific date of the arrival of the arrival of Surface RT to Mexico, which was also scheduled for May, and on which Microsoft still has not decided to give a specific date. In any case, the landing of Surface Surface Pro in Spain and in Mexico RT joins the long list of events and performances taking place in the month of May, as the BlackBerry Live, Google I / O, the new Xbox , or of course, random access memories , the new album by Daft Punk.

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