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Tuesday, 20 January 2009 20:43

newwhitehouse Two small gestures, but I find the sea of significant: if you were, as half the world, seeing that bit of history that has been the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, and also had a computer near it is possible that you noticed the page on the White House,, was updated to 12 pm East Coast time, including a new aesthetic, with photographs of the new President, biography, etc ... and two gestures interesting: first, the blog of the opening of the White House with his first post published at 12:01, "Change has come to" a text of Macon Phillips, Director of New Media in the White House of more than recommended reading, speaking, of course, communication, transparency and participation, three items for which a blog can be a good tool. On the other hand, the Copyright Notice, which says precisely that the page no longer protected by copyright, and is subject to a license Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Two small gestures, but very interesting. And the speech, of course, a phrase:

"The world has changed, and we must change with it"


Nuevo pocket to carry gadgets

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Technology - General
Tuesday, 20 January 2009 18:03

The gadgets or devices, have become key elements in the daily life of people, to the point that every day we find products that will enable us to carry more safety and reliability these teams. Because of this need for shelter, is a novel that has left her purse that will make it easier to transport these technological equipment.


Ohmetric This bag will be responsible for providing comfort to all the technological devices you own, whether laptop, USB stick, mouse, keyboard, cables, cell phone, headphones, CDs, etc..

For sure this bag will offer many utilities to the creditor, and is postulated as one of the bags more complete than in the market. If you want to support this project and want to be a supporter of this new product, you must wait until April to buy it. Its manufacturer has announced that the bag will have a cost of $ 140.

We are fully confident that this new bag will cause the desired impact by their manufacturers, although it is better not to give certainty to the development of this product in the market. So far only well enough to spell out the picture and expect it to produce its marketing.

Via | Engadget


Descend into Internet advertising strategy

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Technology - General
Tuesday, 20 January 2009 16:28

It is no secret that the economic crisis currently being experienced in the world, has led to the closure of many important institutions. Well, part of the economic crisis has significantly impacted the advertising theme, as some companies have stopped advertising through search engines that has Internet.


Apparently they think that if institutions reduce costs in advertising, could cushion a little the issue of economic recession. The truth is that this business of Internet advertising is leaving bankruptcy seekers as part of their support from them in the network, the advertising is exercised by each company that exists in the middle.

A study of Efficient Frontierel 8% of the entities marketing its products Internet através has decided to dispense with this service. Hopefully all this deficit will be resolved as soon as possible and we have further encouraging news that adorn the good service offered by different companies in the world. We are very aware of all the events that arise after the global news.

Via | theinquirer


LightLane: laser that projects a bicycle lane for your personal

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Technology - General
Tuesday, 20 January 2009 16:16

With so much traffic accident there today that in most cases involving cyclists, someone came up with the brilliant idea of creating something for the lower accident rates at least a little.


It turns out that the hand of the designers Evan and Alex Gant Tee has emerged something called LightLane. LightLane is a laser that projects into the back of the sidewalk rider (of course, which takes place), a lane that indicates to the drivers behind this, which have opposite pedal pulling a character.

At the moment the product is just a concept that I hope someday go to the light and I think it's great. Still have to look at from the standpoint of a driver in his car with the lights on, if it is made visible or not the lane "virtual".

It should be remembered that in some countries what is being done to the drivers of bicycles, but sometimes this is not sufficient, but you think looking at the following video:

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