Comparativa actualizada de consolas: PlayStation, Wii y Xbox

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Friday, 26 November 2010 16:44

Lately the world of game consoles is more lively than ever, approach the holidays and maybe many of ye are looking to buy any of them. With that in mind I approach with a comparison in which I will try to reel off all the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons of the three major consoles of the moment: PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and Wii .

wii ps3 xbox360 Comparativa actualizada de consolas: PlayStation, Wii y Xbox

Before starting perhaps it is best to tell that this is not going to be a technical review, those who know me know that never do because I believe that data, technical performance, features alone are worth nothing, is just data loose. What good is knowing that as they move more than X thousand polygons as it otherwise? I find it much more interesting, and that's what I do, focus subjectively in each of the 3 consoles by the type of game that we can them out to each and with special attention to various peripherals, with the arrival of Kinect and PlayStation Move long ago ceased to be an afterthought Ready? Here we go.

Perhaps best to start by saying that there is no perfect console, that's life, you can not have everything and each offers a number of advantages that others do not is your decision to choose which of these advantages make you a platform decantare or another, but always knowing that ye put some things missing. Ideally, what we deceive, would have them all, but like that (in most cases) do not think it's possible and without further preliminaries we analyze each separately.

PlayStation 3

Sony Playstation 3 40GB w controller 1200 Comparativa actualizada de consolas: PlayStation, Wii y Xbox

We started with the platform of Sony , today a real monster that eats brown the other in performance and technical level. As for the graphics power that moves, not much we can throw in the face, every little bit goes a game that boasts maximized if any (such as Gran Turismo 5 or Uncharted 2 ) but the truth is accompanied by good screen play the PlayStation 3 is quite a visual delight. We can not forget either of the drive for Blu-Ray so that apart from buying a console kill two birds with one stone and also bought a great player to be able to watch movies in high definition.

Each platform, as mentioned before, has its own exclusive titles that you can not enjoy the other, in this case for my favorites are the two parts of Uncharted , the God Of War and Heavy Rain , not forgetting other greats like Resistance I and II or the saga Metal Gear Solid . I guess this depends a lot on what you like these games in particular that the other platforms are also, as we shall see below, other titles just as juicy or more.

As for the game online, here is a clear dichotomy with respect to the Xbox 360 as the main advantage we have is free, but in general the gameplay is, but compared to Microsoft's gaming experience worse, although this payment is (not exactly cheap). On PlayStation Network have also some interesting titles to those who pay attention as ModNation Racers. I am giving so much importance to the various games because after all is what this is all about, playing, no matter how good the services which matter is just the fun that we provide.

Personally, the Dual Shock I like less than the command of the Xbox 360, may be a little more ergonomic in the management of the two sticks (great for football games for example), but loses a lot of games that make use of trigger such as shooters and racing games. The system delivers an experience extra Sixaxis we do not have anywhere else but in my opinion is not enough.

Finally, in the peripheral section we find PlayStation Move . The first comparison is obvious that arises with the Wii Remote but this is much more precise and titles that accompany it are also higher quality. That said, is that I bought the console solely by Move, but it certainly is a very important point to consider.

In short, good power, Blu-Ray, gorgeous graphics, an online gaming system Justito but acceptable when compared to the competition, a good peripheral and huge games to enjoy for hours. The only drawback for me is the price, which can vary greatly from place to place but generally does not fall below $ 300 (283 €). Let's see what they have to say about the Xbox 360 and Wii.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Comparativa actualizada de consolas: PlayStation, Wii y Xbox

Having regard to the pros and cons of Sony's console now go to Microsoft. Following a bit with the price tag that I've finished the previous section and it refers to this and take the opportunity to comment on what is one of the points in favor of the Xbox 360, we can get from $ 210 (189 €) , but again I insist that prices vary widely and that the stores often make offers. We must also bear in mind that in the past E3 Joystiq covered our colleagues presented an update to the existing model, the Xbox 360 Slim, so in the resale market (or in which there is a second hand) we can find the previous generation by the much lower price. I take the opportunity here to contribute my bit of experience and recently commented that I was with a friend who took one for 140 € ($ 186 U.S. dollars).

On the other hand it is true that we have less technical performance and we lose the Bu-Ray player is more, we can not use their power to see a movie because it is clear that HD-DVD format is more dead than alive, and few movies there produced in the same, only to play and little more, but offers synchronization options and interesting streaming with Windows and Windows Media Center, if configured well (although it can be a real execution) we enjoyed in the lounge of the films , photos and music stored on your laptop.

As for games, and large we have the very great exclusive franchise Gears Of War , Dead Rising , Crackdown and driving the great saga of Forza Motorsport . As you can see, the issue of exclusive games is a tricky issue as I said before, because although the PS3 is outstanding, almost every Xbox has little or nothing to envy. My tip is that you can see one by one and you see which ones you like best for decantare by one or the other.

I said earlier also that I love, very much in command of the Xbox 360, for me there is another in a matter of convenience, although sometimes sticks are not sufficiently ergonomic position of the cross is a mess. Recently we saw the odd novelty in this regard because there was an update of the same , but basically boils down to a new aesthetic, a slight adjustment in the crosshairs and eliminate the colors of the four buttons (for me an absolute mistake)

If the PlayStation 3 console I see it as perfect for demanding gamers who are always asking the most and the best in terms of quality and power, the Xbox 360 is not for them but a step below. Let it also covers a range of more casual players, more informal, console enjoyed a more relaxed and informal.

Focusing term in the field of online gaming with Xbox Live that although it is a great service that I have no complaints as to their purely technical funcioamiento I will say that I like not only price but as it is mounted for example all payment system (eg it is difficult simply to cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription), Microsoft in this regard has always seemed to have an attitude usurious. Nor can we forget Kinect , which promises to be the king of the party this Christmas, with very attractive game, a completely new game system and above and is hacked and we can enjoy in many places outside of the console.


nintendo wii consola tienda virtual Comparativa actualizada de consolas: PlayStation, Wii y Xbox

We arrived last but not least the Queen of family entertainment. The Wii from Nintendo may not have anything to do in terms of graphics, performance and power against the other two but it is precisely the last thing you want. Faced with an excess of benefits, the Wii is positioned for all those casual gamers, I say that is not made for big gamers, but where it succeeds is precisely people who had not touched a console command so far but thanks to the intuitive its management and securities are generally available for this platform to quickly become operational and end up enjoying it more than any other.

Here we also find great exclusive titles of interesting sea, such as Super Mario Galaxy , the first is good, but special mention to the second part and the legendary Mario Kart, which has a very interesting online multiplayer. There are a lot of titles but not outstanding in themselves strictly technical quality that are ideal for playing with others, such as parties, with the family, died in a while ... here we highlight games like Rayman Rabids.

The multiplayer game is not inexisente it, but obviously has little to do against great shooters and great multiplayer of the other two, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Highlights include Mario Kart, I mentioned before, or some Pro Evolution Soccer, I've tried the 2009 and I was pretty happy. The same price is also very variable and usually range between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, at least in my experience.

As controls, I'm sorry but I do not like, do not like anything. Besides being somewhat vague as it sometimes seems to me that it is bad ergonmía, with some redesign at a general level there are many games you win in gameplay and quality. I guess we should not expect developments in this respect and understand that it is a strictly personal opinion, I know many people who do not have more problems with them, matter of taste.

In short, do not go to the Wii if you want to enjoy the spectacle and the latest in video games, but I'll advise you if you want to unwind and relax a platform with which they throw the odd game to any casual game when you get home tired after a day of these drives. Also note that to take full advantage here do I dare say that unlike the others is almost essential to use two or three knobs to play with more people and with the release that is, beyond each .


You have already seen that the factors that tip the balance one way or another to choose one console or another are many and varied. Basically we can summarize, in the price, where the more expensive the PlayStation 3 and then the Wii and the Xbox 360 that are virtually the same although the latter often can find cheaper prices if you choose a model from the previous generation ( it's a little louder and bigger, but for the purpose is exactly the same console). We also have the issue of games as we can see that each has exclusive games that can make us focus on one or the other. The online multiplayer aspect, where they earn Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, except that one is paid and the other not. In peripheral we've seen that on one hand we Kinect and other PlayStation Move , each one choose the one you like.

It is a comparative long, and though I tried to leave me in the least amount of ink possible things I'm sure I still have some respect for playing, for analysis, I have been overlooked or have something to contribute in this regard, no doubt to leave it in comments What console do you have? and most importantly Do you recommend?

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Comparison date of consoles: PlayStation, Wii and Xbox written ALT1040 November 26, 2010 by Carlos Rebato
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