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Thursday, 01 July 2010 17:43

Teresa Fidalgo the famous Hitchhiker

Teresa Fidalgo sure you know the name, run the Internet. The Geeky we tell you more about the history of Teresa Fidalgo.

Mysterious appearances on the road, the hitchhiker ghost, Teresa Fidalgo. Among the urban legends of Teresa Fidalgo has an important role.


The Legend of Teresa Fidalgo comes from Portugal. As Teresa Fidalgo in 1983 has suffered a traffic accident. Just in the same place where 'his great grandmother had committed suicide. The story seems straight out of a horror movie script, including a video circulating on the Internet that has been seen by thousands of Internet users

It happened on the road to Sintra, video circulating on the network shows three friends who are in a car by the same road. Son David, Tania and Tiago. David is the one who was filming the road behind and making jokes.

In a recorded road image of a girl. They were surprised. They stopped and there was invited to climb in the car while still recording. The girl named Teresa said. They followed the road and after about two minutes, said Teresa

"There, look there is where I had an accident and died"

Something must have happened because the car had an accident where they were in the same place Teresa Fidalgo had indicated. The camera continued to record to Teresa kept shouting. This accident killed James and Tania, only David was alive and his camera was the witness of the frightening experience.

carretera oscura

Police subsequently investigated the accident. David reported on Teresa but police found no trace of Teresa. What if the police found out is that in 1983 there happened an accident in that area where he killed a woman named Teresa Fidalgo. In Portugal, the news spread like wildfire.

David the guy who was in the back the video recording is dedicated to audio-visual issue. This video as well known would be an extract from a longer short film, called "Turn" and circulating the video is just a montage for the film.

Of course if you have not seen the video of Teresa Fidalgo is quite shocking.

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