The cemetery of the world's largest aircraft to detail in Google Earth

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Technology - General
Thursday, 25 February 2010 06:30

If you like planes or follow Mythbusters (Discovery series also known as Hunters myths) is more than sure you know Boneyard, one of the cemeteries of the world's largest aircraft located in the Mojave Desert.

Boneyard was created after the Second World War by the U.S. government in the Mojave Desert, site chosen for its altitude and arid conditions, and in it are stored many aircraft models (about 4,000), from the legendary B-52 to other more modern F-14 that retired U.S. Navy operating in 2006.

Well, now Google has taken people for the first time a series of high resolution satellite images of the 10 square miles of Boneyard already are available for browsing on Google Earth. Server takes a while browsing these catches and the truth that if you're a aerotrastornado "(to paraphrase one of the three microsiervos) you will enjoy it as a dwarf.

Via: BBC