3Doodler, the pen allows us to paint in 3D

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 00:25
3Doodler (4)

3Doodler is a project that, in less than a day, has raised six times the budget target and has impressed on Kickstarter to present a pen with which we can paint objects tridimensionales.La 3D printing has become a technology that has a lot of potential and certainly attracts the interest of space agencies like NASA or the ESA and opens the door to developing new models of manufacturing spare parts, spare parts, and even housing in record time. This technique also making three-dimensional objects has become very popular among fans of do-it-yourself and minds related to hacker culture, a breeding ground that has served for a Kickstarter project called 3Doodler , has raised in just a day six times the budget set to launch the project. What is special about this project? 3Doodler poses a singular device: a pen to paint in 3D.

Painting in 3D?? Although it may sound rather odd, 3Doodler comes to cover the gap existing in the field of 3D printing: not everyone has access to a 3D printer or have access to a printing service although it is becoming more popular this technology and can find something reasonably priced models . 3Doodler The approach is simple, say you hold a pen and we get to draw on paper with the addition that our project a kind of pen plastic gel will harden in the air and, therefore, our drawing will materialize in a physical object.

The grace of the project, which comes from the hand of two toy designers (Peter Dilworth, who proceeds from the MIT Media Lab, and Max Bogue), is intended to leave the market for $ 75 and, to make things even simpler, will be fed from the same plastic material used Makerbot 3D printer. Furthermore, 3Doodler flees from the path of using CAD files (which is common) and unleashes the user's imagination to work "freehand" and generate, rapidly prototyping and 3D sketches or, directly, have a good time playing with the device.

3Doodler looks great and, the truth is that has caught perfectly on Kickstarter because in just one day (which is what brings this look on crowdfunding platform), the project has raised more than 6 times the target value by contributions of more than 2,200 people who have seen the potential that may have this product.

Multiply by 6 the projected revenue and do it in less than a day can help us get an idea of ​​the popularity of 3D printing and the need to democratize even more access to this technology, thanks to 3Doodler could be accessible a very low cost.