Japanese politicians announced plan to build robots for the military Gundam

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Technology - General
Friday, 29 June 2012 19:21

The robotics is a branch of engineering that has application in growing fields and even, perhaps, we can come to the forefront of human-shaped robots as ASIMO or PETMAN , are also present in cars such as Google , production lines or even in hospitals and rehabilitation centers . Although they are increasingly widespread, the application of robotics to the military remains one of the areas of application that is striking and, frankly, it's not for less because there are more lines of work that seek to develop robots that can help soldiers or directly replaced in the field of battle. The latest news in this sense we have known in Japan , where one of the main opposition forces announced their plans for addressing the construction of giant robots to endow the country's military .

This unique news comes amid a political debate broadcast on the Internet and where participating members of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD), a center-right party that was ruling in Japan until 2009. During the debate, the two representatives of the party (the Vicrepresidente and former Secretary General) announced that the party was seriously considering proposing the construction of giant robots to equip the army. Giant Robots ¿? The news is nothing short of amazing (though not the first time in Japan arises an idea), especially when you consider that the idea is to equip the army with these machines and also have in mind not a robot either but would be willing to build the Gundam of Yoshiyuki Tomino .

This crazy announcement by the opposition party looks more like a populist punch line more than anything else, but even so, the impact of the ad is still quite large. And why propose building combat robots? This idea taken from Gundam, Mazinger Z or The Super Dimension Fortress Macross would aim to equip the country with a series of robots with which, for example, to undertake cleanup following a nuclear accident (appealing to the memory of the accident Fukushima plant). Logically, the controversy of the country is served and in many forums, of course, are appealing to reason and suggest that the ad makes no sense and although one would expect the support of this thesis also voices pointing out to that the idea would have enough sense.

Anyway it seems clear that this announcement has been a move to capture the attention (which have gotten), but still, there are organizations working on developing robots to equip the armed forces. DARPA , for example, works in some projects along this line, as Avatar , Saffir or AlphaDog examples that bring robots to the military ranks more and more.