19 votes in favor of democracy are imposed on the ACT

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Friday, 22 June 2012 02:41

For a month the members of the committees of Parliament have prepared their recommendations on the eve of the final vote to be held in Strasbourg on July 4. The committees DEVE, LIBE, ITRE and JURI - international development, civil liberties , industry and legal issues a few weeks ago, voted in favor of the recommendations of its rapporteurs ara reject the adoption of the treaty.

Today the International Trade Committee (INTA), the parliamentary group directly responsible for assessing and monitoring the ACTA negotiations conducted by the European Commission - by Karel de Gutch - voted for the recommendation of the rapporteur David Martin to reject ACTA.

In recent days, the conservative Swedish Christofer Fjellner introduced an amendment to the Martin report which proposed delaying the final vote until the European Court issued its verdict regarding the request submitted by the European Commission, only after the protests against ACT in February and the grand scandal of institutional corruption that denounced the former reporter of ACTA, Kader Arif.

Two days ago the Dutch MEP, Marietje Schaake, denounced the conservative group's intention of PPE for today's vote was secret, that is, other than public the votes of legislators. The request was rejected by Parliament.

On Wednesday, Commissioner de Gucht was presented in Parliament to plead with the members of Parliament to wait for the European Court of Justice and "consider the signal sent to the world" , if you reject ACTA. A very good in my opinion.

Today the pressure of lobbies continued in conjunction with de Gucht. David Hammerstein reports that De Gutch personally lobbied members staining parliaments and political career. And this, without facing charges for tax evasion ...

Karel de Gucht's Commisioner tried to bend arms of MEPs to the bitter end Personally. His career Political Has Been stained by # ACT

- David Hammerstein (@ DaHammerstein) juni 21, 2012

The lobbies of monopolies - unabashedly - made ​​propaganda pro-ACT outside the legislative chamber, the day before the vote, but his complete lack of vision and inability to adapt to the social reality was not enough.

Do not love the boat?

Nevertheless, INTA adopted the recommendation of Martin with 19 votes in favor and 12 against.

This means that all committees of the European Parliament recommended the rejection of ACTA for the final vote to be held on July 4, and where only members of Parliament will vote yes or no. Hopefully the European Parliament vote in favor of the independence of the European Union to decide their own laws, and not fit the repressive model of U.S. intellectual property.

Today, faced different cultures and visions of democracy. First, the future against the past, a society that is placed over free speech, privacy and the right to knowledge beyond censorship, mass surveillance and economic monopoly of ideas.

In addition, two cultures of governance were the faces: the economy of the European Commission and European Parliament's policy.

The political responsibility of citizens and their representatives was imposed on the economic and control of the promoters of ACTA. This has many implications fortunate, because it shows that the EU has many possibilities that have not been explored to reduce the integration only economically, to a currency: the euro.

However, the European Union as a political project has not really been explored. ACTA has been a good essay.

Strengthen the institutional power of the European Parliament and the great force that focuses citizen opposition to the ACT, can and should be channeled to address more issues, create laws more fair and realistic, and above all with the direct participation of citizens.

The unprecedented participation of citizens to defend their rights, got members of the European Parliament will take a correct policy decision: to reject the treaty's adoption by the European Union.

ACT is a multi-level error and only two weeks to know their actual size. Anything can happen these days, but today the treaty is dying.

Great day.

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