Drift more dangerous citizens under control

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Saturday, 16 June 2012 13:08

The most dangerous drift: technology should serve to empower citizens to monitor what their governments, never the reverse. The British government proposed a draft for the call Communications Data Bill , under which it will seek to develop a system to spy on all electronic communications of citizens: every click, every text message, every email, every update on Facebook ...

I said at the time for more than two years in a television interview (min. 7) , and some branded me of exaggeration: the governments of many countries secretly envious of China. Countries like China or Iran pose systems to spy on all its citizens falls into what we're sadly used to seeing: the very idea of ​​democracy is left too far. Take it up a country like Britain should be completely unacceptable, but there we have it, ready to be voted on in Parliament. And if you ask many Spanish politicians, I assure you, because I know that the question does not seem at all a bad idea.

Also do so under the guise of fear as the threat of terrorism, child pornography or the protection of copyright as a Horsemen of the Apocalypse is even more absurd, when we know that such measures do not work to stop these problems and the only thing they do is threaten fundamental freedoms, freedoms that many governments now seem determined to rewrite. Orwellian-minded states. Again, and unfortunately we have been too many , it is necessary to quote Benjamin Franklin :

Those who can give up essential liberty to Obtain a little temporary safety, deserve Neither liberty nor safety "

(Those who are willing to surrender their freedoms in exchange for a little temporary safety, deserve neither freedom nor security ")

(Via Boing Boing ).