DARPA developed nanochips to monitor the troops on the battlefield

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Technology - General
Sunday, 06 May 2012 21:39

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is the agency linked to the Department of Defense United States that is responsible for developing research projects related to the U.S. Army. The structure of the agency is quite large and has the support of companies, universities and research centers across the country with which develops projects as PETMAN , AVATAR , forays into the world of Big Data or insect-cyborgs in which intend to install embedded systems. Given that the work of DARPA should reverse in the U.S. Armed Forces, the agency announced a new line of work and seeking to develop nanochips that can be implanted in the troops and monitor, at a distance, their vital signs .

Why monitor the health of the soldiers? The idea of DARPA is that this implant allows the control of any mission to detect, proactively, any enfedermedad the soldier to avoid having to perform, for example, a medical evacuation in the middle of a mission. Seen this way may at first glance may seem that research is novel because, today, there are multiple tele-assistance systems and remote patient monitoring but in the eyes of this DARPA research has much to offer and can make a before and after.

According to data provided by DARPA, most medical evacuations taking place in the front are derived from common diseases and injuries not caused in combat so that, by monitoring, could detect these mishaps occur long before, and Therefore, replacing its effective if necessary.

DARPA wants to develop this system on a chip that can be implanted in soldiers and also has the ability to transmistir information on vital signs and also to send data on their position or even his psychological state. The truth is that the project is quite striking and, frankly, is very close to the border of invasion of privacy, for example, when a soldier is on leave, going to the reserve or withdrawn.