Apple patented a new "unibody headphones"

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Technology - General
Saturday, 14 April 2012 00:03

If there is something Apple hates to see in their products are slits. The more compact and less noticeable seams between different parts of carcasses of better devices, a trend that according to several new patents were thinking of applying to its flagship-and painful-white earbuds.

In the first patent, entitled " Ultrasonically welded Structures and methods for marking the Same "- Apple describes how by using the technique known by the name of ultrasonic welding , can assemble the various parts typical of the headphones to the result is a seamless unibody structure visible.

On the other side in the second, entitled " Curved plastic object and deburring systems and methods for the Same ", the company will detail the methods for constructing the classical membrane leaky headphones where the sound comes out so that there be no imperfection using an abrasive material that covers the vibrating object and making polish.

That said, I really hope that Apple updates once their standard headphones as I said at the beginning because the current ones are pretty bad, its sound quality is bad and also spoil very quickly. And obviously if this unibody headphones sounds great, should not remain only on aesthetics, in this case the sound is vital.