MorpHex he hexápodo robot that you move running

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Technology - General
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 22:14

Late last year we first heard that the project was the Norwegian engineer Kare Halvorsen. A hexapod robot prototype with the peculiarity that could move rolling, circular turning into a sort of sphere. With this third video showing the engineer in April, MorpHex is a reality that shows a lack of touches and movement mechanism certainly disturbing.

The work has been done Halvorsen has shown through his blog, work with photos and videos of the process of making this curious robot. Effort where we could see the problems facing the engineer in the past four months.

As I said at the beginning, it seems that the robot is not over for good and its creator is willing to improve the trajectory achieved by the robot so far (slightly curved). An effort that will conclude with part of the event MorpHex Boca Bearings 2012.

Future of marketing and little is known. We can think of a very sophisticated toy for all kinds of people or as an aid in extreme situations. Time will tell. I leave you with the previous videos during the process of creating MorpHex:

Photo: Robot-Kid