ReviveTube, recover deleted videos

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Technology - General
Sunday, 09 November 2008 20:46

This is excellent news for users of YouTube in recent days has been released new product that will be used in the web environment, it has been called ReviveTube.

This new development is in charge of "recover" and download the videos that have been deleted from this famous site, it is said that only in certain cases it may recover and in many cases depend on the actions taken by users who have been saved these videos on their accounts.

This new application seems to be to replace the familiar Delutube therefore seems not to work more, to be handled through fingering video code and clicking on the "View Video", you could enjoy and be deleted by copyright or for violating some rule.

YouTube has decided to create this new option because in many cases to try to find certain video, the famous warning appears, has been dropped, and although some tests have been trying to verify the effectiveness of the new system is expected to have an improvement and become very easy and fast to use. Let's just wait how good is this new way of searching and retrieving videos.

Via | Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.