The new iPhone screen view with a microscope

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Technology - General
Saturday, 17 March 2012 05:11

Undoubtedly, the Retina Display the new iPhone is one of the most striking features, not just for the novelty of the technology but to bring successfully to get a screen with such quantity and density of pixels on a mobile device without losing performance. The engineer Lukas Mathis put the display of the new iPad under the microscope to see if the promises of Apple for its new device were true star.

The images are taken at x80, and you can clearly see the difference in density as anticipated from the previous model, the promise to quadruple the pixel count is met.

Another thing to notice is the difference between the display of the new iPhone and the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S . While the screens of the three devices are named Retina display, the test indicates no difference between the phones and the tablet, leaving the conclusion that there are two types of Retinal Display.

While the smaller screens used in iPhones come with 326 dpi the new 9.7-inch has 264 dpi. While watching the catch under the microscope it is evident, do not think the naked eye that can capture this difference, will remain as a free gift for lovers of the technical specifications.

No doubt the tremendous applications seen in this screen should be impressive, however, fortunate to have a new iPad still do not have many options to try. Not all applications have been adapted to this new resolution, in fact, only developers working with the last kit will prepare especially for the device went on sale today. Here you can view a list of applications that are ready for the Retina Display iPad.