Twitter reaches half a billion users

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Thursday, 23 February 2012 01:14

If the estimates and calculations are correct, Twitter has now reached five hundred million users worldwide , an impressive figure for a service just over five years. So, using some resources I've found there, including this collection of Mashable and this fantastic Raak chart where you can see when you came in on Twitter, I've organized this chart overlaying that, in my opinion, have been important events in the history of Twitter.

Surely there will be missing many people who have different opinions about what was important and what is not in the short history of this network - the first tweet from Jack Dorsey is the end of March 2006 - but I just tried to raise So my team under my own story within Twitter and my personal biases, the issues that I think had some impact on how we now understand Twitter. Please, add the milestones that you it seemed important in the comments, in order to supplement the graph with your opinions.

Here are some clues as to why these events seemed to me worthy of being highlighted:

Undoubtedly, we could highlight many other things considered less relevant or reviewed here. But the fact is that, through stories how are you and many more (now sends half of one hundred forty million tweets per day), Twitter has grown into what today is the social sixth sense , the layer we communicate and through which we learn and gossiped in real time, the stage today, and even the window of political action.

A scenario that has now come that easy to say, the five hundred million users.