Poland would be the first European country to sign ACTA

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 03:46

Well better late than never. The weekend Anonymous DDoseó the government site of Poland to learn that the Polish government would sign ACTA on 24 January, according to information from Newsweek.pl . This announcement, just after the historic protest against SOUP , caused a ripple of outrage (and disinformation) impressive. And rightly so.

After being approved the signing of ACTA treaty fishing package late last year, in the same way in the dark that has been negotiated the treaty for years, the status of ACT in the European Union is delicate. Anything can happen. It all depends of the European Parliament would ratify the agreement through a vote to approve or reject the illegal treaty. Apparently this vote happen in March.

After its ratification or rejection, also would require that every country in the European Community adopted the treaty. A country that do not knock ACTA could also, however, once this is ratified it would be more difficult as the door to tighten intellectual property local laws to comply with ACTA measures, would be open.

The Wikipedia community in Poland is considering a blackout like the one that happened against SOPA. Apparently also planned street protests, according to the group NieACTA on Facebook.

Moreover there are unconfirmed reports Telecomix via Switzerland and Germany that they will not sign ACTA on 26 this month.

It took a long time engaged in monitoring developments around the ACT and providing constant monitoring, and the truth, had never seen so much misinformation about it on Twitter. Yes, lots of critical mass, but lack the entropy generated protest against SOPA. In my opinion it seems more tantrum that reasoning about the real dangers that ACTA represents. Anonymous DDoS And I really do not help anything besides that they are hurting the impeccable work that many NGOs have done in Europe.

The misinformation came to where the imaginary (!): Wikileaks tweeted that ACTA includes reviews of iPods at the border - a move that was removed from ACT in 2010. Do not forget that Wikileaks leaked the initial version of ACT 4 years ago. Therefore surprising.

Despite the misinformation spread during the weekend (today as you see it and read more) digital libido Anonymous undoubtedly attracts the traditional press. It's amazing that after almost four years, so far as Forbes media pay attention to the issue . Better late than never, though his attention had been more productive if they had done before the United States signed the treaty in Tokyo in October past.

The hope is now in the European Parliament and its power to veto ACTA and bury a bad history of opacity, corruption and anti-democracy created by those who drove SOUP, Sinde Law, Law Doring and so on: the copyright industry.

Tomorrow will also be held the first debate in Parliament on the final stage of ACTA in Europe. La Quadrature du Net alert about another possible farce:

Driven by the same lobbies extremists lso soup PIPA and the United States, ACT is a global initiative of industries seeking to protect their income to dominate the world economy. The opinion presented by Mr Saharadil Development Committee, omits the crucial aspects of ACTA: its lack of democratic legitimacy, the archaic promotes international trade, the impact on access to medicines will have on developing countries , and also freedom of expression and innovation around the world.

Although ACT was vetoed, the danger is still there, called Transpacific Partnership Agreement and intellectual property chapter of ACT on steroids.

Do not miss the coverage of ACT in ALT and very attentive to the TPPA. and if you are in Europe, what are you waiting to call your MPs?