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Impressions MotoGP 09.10

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Thursday, 20 May 2010 16:29

Impresiones MotoGp 09-10

MotoGP Impressions 09/10. The recently released game for PS3 and Xbox is a full plate for lovers of speed and course of motorcycles. Brings MotoGP riders, teams and circuits from the previous championship, a neglect that could be safely managed with some free downloads for updating the title.

The first update contains bikes, riders, circuits of the 2010 season and the second, machines, drivers and more quipos and 125cc Moto 2.

As we know, MotoGP is an arcade that leads us directly to the race track trying to be an experiment on wheels in the kitty to remember. As you said, he tries.

See game trailer:

After the fiasco of its predecessor, Capcom decided to work hard in the new MotoGP and the result is a fun game, truly realistic and the best: easy to play, you have the ability you have.

Characteristics - such as simulations, driving aids and the famous "ideal trajectory, where the track appears on a line indicating the best way to do curves - allow for smooth gameplay and further development of the game.

Many game modes, among which stands out the "Race" will be responsible for creating our own team and overcome various challenges to get our deserved recognition.

9.10 MotorGp is a title that barely meets its promises, fun and easy gameplay. You may have missed some more general details, are in the graphics, animations, whether on bikes and public attended us . It is a good game for anyone looking for entertainment at affordable prices.


PS3 Review Nier

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Technology - Video Games
Thursday, 20 May 2010 16:15

Opinión Nier para PS3

PS3 Review Nier. Again Fenix has a RPG Square to the delight of all those who have already finished Final Fantasy XIII and expected something more action. The title really is of that genre and revolves around the story of a father who seeks a cure for the illness of her daughter from the virus rarely.

The game was as good care ter point was developed differently for Western and Eastern marking. The eastern version released for the PS3 is named and Nier Replicant starring a beautiful young girl who moves heaven and earth here to save his sister. The other version brings the referred Gestalt Nier father, a warrior without a shadow for doubt.

Opinión Nier para PS3

The beginning of the game not very excited, especially in relation to the graphics, perhaps for the realism seen in thousands of games recently released a short time, that troubles us a little view. On the other hand, the game has an iota of sentimentality to be undertaken in its history, capturing our attention from beginning to end.

See trailer:

The plot involves several parallel stories, almost all characters will be playable. You will also find puzzles, mini-games and other activities to prevent boredom take account of our beings.

The tutorial, like any RPG, é long and tiresome. This tutorial is centered only in the fighting, which does not give a false idea of what is to come. Those endless conversations and exploration of a scenario almost infinite also part of the title and exactly why it can be considered an RPG in its entirety.

Its strong point is the magical appeal, entitled to mysterious stories, supernatural powers and martial arts together in this context fantastic. We will have many weapons at our disposal and we can do better as we go forward calls magic words and spells will also make part of our arsenal of combat.

The soundtrack plays its role with themes that fills the entire stage tucking the right emotion at the right time.

In short, a bon adult game with some news and a touch of something dark Japan. The story is deep, attention turns us all the time Nier what makes a fun experience. Good news, because ultimately what we want is fun.


Truckers Delight Now available: Episode one in AppStore

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Technology - Video Games
Thursday, 20 May 2010 16:03

Have you seen the music video Truckers Delight? First I have to say that it is only suitable for 18 years, so if you are not of age, come out of this sinful run inning. The video is very fun, great music and has an aesthetic as 16-bit retro games.

Well, that was the aesthetic as videojueguil have decided to make the game and the title, seems to be distributed episodically. Since there can be no other way will be through App Store , so to take out your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The price is $ 3. As can be seen in the images is a driving game like the Mega Drive and maintains the aesthetics of the original video. If anybody has tried it, please tell us if it is okay or not.


An announcement from Square "will change Japanese history"

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Technology - Video Games
Thursday, 20 May 2010 14:00

You have to see how Square Enix likes to draw attention lately . It is surprising that the promises are the order of the day in the company within this time may have exaggerated a little when announcing a new title, which they say will "change Japanese history.

The ad in question will occur tomorrow, May 21 and is related to some kind of partnership with Yahoo!. A clue to where the shots can be found in the recent financial report of the company, where it established a priority entry into the market for online games, with Yahoo! The best partner for this.

Now is whether such a game result of such an agreement can be reached such consequences entail? Allow me to doubt it, but I will not be discredited Square, luckily we only have to wait 24 hours to know in what direction his next title may redefine Japan's electronic entertainment sector.

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