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Lost Planet 2 rewards those who do not sell the game

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Monday, 24 May 2010 20:00

Lost Planet 2

If there is anything that seems to preoccupy the game companies lately is the second hand market . They have enough to sell the games at high prices, but also claim that anyone who wants, can not sell them.

Well, Capcom has devised a new way of motivating players not to sell their games, and is that Lost Planet 2, its latest launch, including an achievement called "honeymoon period" of 20 points on Xbox 360 and a trophy Bronze PlayStation 3, which is achieved when playing six months after playing for the first time.

For all lovers of the achievements or trophies, always trying to get all this may be a reason that would keep the game really. Although there is a small short cut to achieve that and is changing the date of the console, making the game believe that six months have passed. Only a week ago that the game went on sale, so if you see someone who does, you know he has cheated.

It is not as severe as a measure to motivate others to keep our purchases, but what is clear is that the industry moves to stop the second hand market. Bad news for us gamers.

Via: 1UP


DLC unveiled the second Alan Wake: "The Writer"

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Monday, 24 May 2010 18:00

We knew when we can download the first DLC of Alan Wake, nicknamed "The Signal" ( July 27 ) but did not expect to hear the second so soon. Appear to have been revealed in a presumably accidental name and price of "The Writer" as it was called the second piece of content that will expand the formidable experience of the original title.

The guys from have captured a screen and belonging to the downloadable content menu of the game in which in addition to a 67-day countdown to "The Signal" we can see the reference to "The Writer", valued at 800 Microsoft Points and a "coming soon" as the only temporal detail.

It reads:

Our second downloadable content pack, The Writer, is a Wake in strange circumstances, now fully aware of the gripping force which must survive a nightmare after another.

I still assailed by a doubt: we are facing different episodes, prequel or continue the story from its unsettling end? I at least need to be given the second case to clarify a few no doubt that I was assaulted in the last minutes of one, moreover, sublime plot.


Born Buenos Aires Eternal

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Technology - Video Games
Monday, 24 May 2010 17:04

It had been a while since we released a new blog from hypertext, and the time to come back, filling the openings that emotion. The Argentine Bicentennial has given us an excuse to realize a project that has us excited: today is born Eternal Buenos Aires , the urban blog's largest city of Argentina, a global city and a major cultural metropolis of the West.

Eternal Buenos Aires is here to be the space where we will have everything that happens in Buenos Aires for its inhabitants and passengers, the impressive cultural offerings of the city that has theaters in the world, the secret corners that are not any guide, the best recommendations for restaurants, accommodation, courses, and the ceaseless activity of Buenos Aires.

Describe and discover Buenos Aires, a city must have been founded twice because only one did not seem to be enough, and who better to do so to our great team of Hypertextual. On the occasion of the bicentennial, we are also covering the activities being carried out to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first National Government.

Just a bit of everything there is to tell about a city as enigmatic as this, he did say that Jorge Luis Borges as water and air, was eternal, it could not have been founded.


LOST llega a Rock Band

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Monday, 24 May 2010 14:00

A few hours ago I and many other millions of fans around the world watched amazed at the same time enthralled the final minutes of a series that more have to talk on the history of television. LOST has completed its journey after six long years in which the soundtrack had a role. And I mention above the charisma of the characters or plot for the complex network is irrelevant.

Yes, you are not reading TVlia , seguíis in Ecetia, because we just know that two mythical themes of the series will come to Rock Band and yes, one of them is "You All Everybody". A server can not wait to burst with such dishes song. The other choice (it is possible that incorporating more complete list) is "Lady Dharma."

The information comes from G4 :

I know that in the near future, probably within a few days, the themes of Driveshaft's "You All Everybody" and Geronimo Jackson "Dharma Lady" will debut in Rock Band Network. The songs made a brief appearance in but disappeared before his debut.

LOST may be over but we'd love to relive their sounds to the beat of drums.

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