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Points will be deleted Microsoft Xbox, say reports

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 20:19

This is a rumor that you have some time circulating, however, with the release of the next generation of consoles and comprehensive restructuring of services (and products) of your company, have leaked several reports about that now yes, will remove Microsoft Points from Xbox Marketplace and instead now be used dollar transactions with bank cards or point cards as you currently do with your platform mac iTunes.

Points will be deleted Microsoft Xbox, say reports

Removing this point system has been a point of debate practically since the launch of the console itself, justification for use was always focused on generating part of community identity and "soften" the purchase process, to be paid with a virtual currency and not a tangible currency, but on the other hand, do continuous conversions dollars to Microsoft Points and vice versa it seems a bit far-fetched, when almost all similar systems have opted to use a more direct system.

According to reports leaked to The Verge , the new procurement system will be compatible and will apply in all Microsoft services platform, including Xbox store, the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. So that the mentioned cards could be bought for fixed amounts and the user could spread its use among the different service points of the company.

The rumor, which started from early this year , suggests that this new system would be announced officially at E3 to be held in early June, and the commercial launch campaign would begin in the form along with the sale of the new Xbox.

400 Microsoft Points are equivalent to $ 5 or so, the issue here is that you can only buy on multiples of 400 and the price of games and content is variable, so that users sometimes find themselves with a surplus of points, which are used in lowest price items or new purchases are added to packet for larger purchases, a scenario that is repeated in the Playstation store, which charges in dollars.

So far Microsoft people not confirm or deny these reports, however it is a sensible move and has long been required for Xbox services.

The entry will be deleted Microsoft Points for Xbox, said reports listed first in Joystiq .


Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3 this Christmas

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Technology - Video Games
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 18:49

Gran Turismo 6 is official. The driving title Polyphony Digital will, in principle, for the PlayStation 3 later this year, and also appropriate visual enhancements include the spectacular figure of more than 1200 vehicles, vintage cars, a wide range of customization and 7 new locations, among which British circuit includes Silverstone.

Gran Turismo series in June will bring all the tracks and cars from the fifth installment along with many other new vehicles, including historic cars, up to a staff of over 1200 cars. Along with them, there will be millions of wheels and aerodynamic parts customizable. The British circuit of Silverstone will be released in the game for the first time in the history of the series. This circuit will be part of the new 7 locations promised, reaching a total of 33, with the figure of 71 different tracks (19 are new). What's more, Sony will provide users different content post-release every week, which will offer new tracks, cars and parts.


This sixth installment bet on social and laptop connectivity. For them various social and community features will be compatible with the emerging mobile phones and tablets. Players can create their own series of races or championships, and compete online with other users with more options for customization. A new user interface will allow us to focus on rapid and less load times.


In the press release , the company announced Gran Turismo 6 as a title that will bring "a new level of authenticity to the famous Real Driving Simulation" and that reintroduction of new tracks and cars, and a revised user interface. It is emphasized that Gran Turismo 6 will debut a new physics engine including a new suspension system.

The series creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, states that "amazing" as it's been 15 years since the original title. He points out that things have changed since then, and now this sixth installment is "an evolution of my dreams." The firm says that "they are delighted to bring Gran Turismo 6 PlayStation 3" because there are loyal community of the series.


Gran Turismo 6 confirmed its development in 2010, but until the beginning of this year we have not heard on a more tangible existence. Also could be on the way a version for PlayStation 4 to be announced at a later date.

The Gran Turismo franchise was born in December 1997 and has so far managed to distribute more than 70 million units, of which 10 million belong to the fifth installment.


Gran Turismo 6 will come out later this year on PlayStation 3, and a playable demo will be available throughout July.

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Admission Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3 this Christmas appears first in Joystiq .


Among the Sleep launches alpha version of the game and get funding on Kickstarter

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Technology - Video Games
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 02:15

This is a story similar to those we see in the movies always triumphant happy ending despite adversity. Among the Sleep is a video game released project through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for 27 days. With a goal of two hundred thousand dollars, a relatively low, and a month to achieve a goal seemed plausible, especially considering the gameplan:

In Among the Sleep played a horror story, with the peculiarity that the protagonist is a child of two years old and everything we see on screen is through his eyes. So the elements that will interact with dose of reality disproportion and wonder of a person of that age. Available for PC through Steam and Rift Oculus support, the mere approach and the potential of its platform was more than enough to boost the financing of this title, however, as the days were moving guys Krillbite Norwegian study Studios were observed that were really far from their original goals.

According to the projection, with $ 200,000 would barely enough money to produce the play, but the bill's original ambition to put together 225 thousand could add support of Oculus Rift, with 230K include commentary tracks and goodies addition to the regular game, and even develop extra levels should reach more than 250 000. The sad fact is that one week of closing the project had not even joined the 200,000 initial and at risk the possibility of achieving it.

So that they saw the need to give a final push, and so was Among the Sleep launches alpha version of the game, free of charge for visitors to their Kickstarter project could download and "play" on the concept title.

Among the Sleep launches alpha version of the game and get funding on Kickstarter

The idea worked and now to three days to complete the project lead raised $ 201.243, a figure which however is insufficient to finance the Rift Oculus support. This case is very different from other projects, for example is the case of the film Wish I Was Here , the spiritual sequel to Garden State, with a goal of two million dollars grossed figure in just three days.

Admission Among the Sleep launches alpha version of your game and get funding on Kickstarter appears first on Joystiq .


The new game of Ken Levine, creator of BioShock

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Technology - Video Games
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 00:21

Ken Levine is one of those cult figures who can now afford to do what they want, in terms of video games, and will have a legion of players more than willing to pay for it no questions asked. * Gamer community ** still not replaced the amazing BioShock Infinite , when this kid has already hinted that he is currently working on a new title.

Ken Levine

The new game of Ken Levine has no name, no release date or platforms, however it is likely to be programmed by your studio Irrational Games. All the news was raised following the official Twitter account of the boy which revealed quite simply:

"Writing a game this afternoon. This is something apart."

Those who follow him through this social network reacted immediately and not lose the opportunity to ask exactly what Levine was talking about. The boy, who has a habit of answering questions from his followers made ​​the exception and shared some details about the essence of his new piece, citing as inspiration the drama of the television series Mad Men, and direct the films of Paul Thomas Anderson, known for The Master, There Will Be Blood and Punch-Drunk Love, and the Coen brothers, Stanley Kubrick and even Steven Soderbergh film.

The mix of visual and aesthetic styles of these authors is quite contrasting, as they have written scripts (all those directors are distinguished by direct and create your own scripts), yet somehow sounds like something feasible and harmonic if it is a project under the command of Levine.


When BioShock Infinite hit stores one of the first questions I was assaulted on whether Ken had no idea what would for him and his study in terms of future projects, at the time, and seemed frank, said he had no idea of what was next, however their imagination and began to plot something new.

By the time production is very likely that this new title you get to the next generation of consoles. It will be worth the wait.

The entrance The new game of Ken Levine, BioShock creator appears first on Joystiq .

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