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Sony responds to announcement of the Nintendo 3DS [Updated]

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Thursday, 25 March 2010 02:16


Just yesterday Nintendo announced its new handheld console: the 3DS. The incorporation of real 3D without the need for glasses, on a handheld is striking and is a major technological leap. But now he has given his opinion a company that wants to go first if we talk about 3D technology: Sony.

Already in June the PlayStation 3 is ready for 3D games. But very interesting because of their views on the new Nintendo.

Our focus is upon the 3D desktop consoles (...) there is a great opportunity in 3D of the PlayStation. The interest in 3D both by distributors as the developers is through the roof. We know we have a hit with the 3D hands on the PS3, and we will concentrate our efforts on this.

Remains to be seen how far will that carry Nintendo of 3D on a handheld. I think it's an interesting move but I would like to see where they go in terms of target audience. I have trouble imagining a child of eight or nine years playing in 3D, see where our technology today.

I think they're mistaken about something. The age range of those with the Nintendo DS is greater than 8 or 9. If the console now we add 3D technology, the seriousness of the securities will be higher, so the age range as well.

I do not want to admit, but Nintendo will sell millions 3DS. What do you think about it? Does the Nintendo 3DS be imposed as the king in the portable console market?

Will he have the nerve to copy Sony and display a 3D PSP? We saw how well they stood the PlayStation Move (and I like the Wiimote).


Hipertextual Labs: Yakuza 3

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Technology - Video Games
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 22:00

The arrival of Yakuza 3 has the West has been very stormy, and we feared many happens to this third party as with that other than that, says this saga is spiritual heir: Shenmue. And the truth is that their forms may remember us, but the essence of Yakuza has always been far from resembling the particular drama of Ryo Hazuki, especially in this latest installment, which follows the formula to the letter of the first two Yakuza so dear land as niponas ignored this side of the world.

For those who already know the formula to which I refer is none other than the classic beat'em up camouflaged within a scripted narrative sandbox through spectacular CG sequences. Sequences that articulate a script worthy of any blockbuster and want and hope that most titles. But if we were to be reductionist in the extreme we are left with beat'em up as the predominant gender in a saga that has managed to portray exquisitely modern Japan, values and traditions, the everyday ... I do not mention Japan's organized crime because a server is not versed in such affairs but presumably that little documentation has had to carry out Amusement Vision to articulate such a universe of clans, families and competing interests.

Yakuza 3 returns us to put on the skin of Kiryu Kazuma, now from the world Yakuza and determined to redeem his tortured soul with goodness. In this case the management of an orphanage in Okinawa where, with his goddaughter Haruka, provide shelter and affection to a group of children who, as happens to him, begin a life marked by misery and uncertainty. These are opening stages of an argument that starts giving all, the advanced one year to give us a flash-forward narrative that will knock open to those who had already played the first two Yakuza (if not always have the option of recalling the two videos which in summary are available from the main menu).

Thus the argument appealing premise coupled with the lengthy waits that SEGA has undergone all the followers of the saga (from myself included) give our first minutes with the title are a feast ... which promises more than then we really end up paying. Finish the title we're going home with the feeling of having gone to a party yes, but not as indispensable as we had initially imagined. Because the shadow of the exceptional (even brilliant) argument Yakuza 2 is very long and this part, even with a frame than we're used to playing, remains well below. Something that such a game in which the argument is often our only incentive to move forward given the dull mechanics of abusing, contributes greatly to take away the Yakuza 3 for the outstanding job that our desire for it had risen.

And yes, they are presented in packaging that gives pleasure to watch, Yakuza 3 is very simple in its simple definition and becomes extremely repetitive, something that happened in previous games in the series and only tolerate (and tolerated ) who go with the charisma of its characters and the very detailed and locative narrative context in which they are deployed. Because the game, returning to the simplistic perspective, is simply moving from point A to B Mamporros dividing right and left (with button combinations more or less elaborate depending on the player or the difficulty level chosen) and increase their heroic experience ( light touches RPG) in pursuit of improved vitality and combat techniques. Among these, extensive cinematic sequences and lots of text we are shelling the plot: a real thriller that addresses the urban and political corruption.

That leaves warned that this game will be enjoyed far greater extent by the followers of the saga that newcomers will be lost considerable detail and may not be convinced to finish gameplay that you look at the navel proud again and again without who has reason to do so objectively. There are parts of the game that are quite expendable, as the first 5 chapters in which our tasks at the orphanage are dull and hardly contribute to the overall argument more than a mild contextualization that could have been solved in a video sequence. These sequences, likewise, have a total length close to 5 hours (to complete the game takes up to 20 if we are on the fast track) and many of them are also longer than a few minutes, there even one of 12 chapters based practically on the display of several of these. Ojo, much of this need not necessarily be negative, but you just do not hook the plot mechanics or the title may end up looking like you an absolute nightmare, especially if you are not friends of the beat'em up.

Neither provide much the many mini games (many of them forced exercise in the aforementioned first chapter) or secondary missions, which aim to give variety to the development but at the moment of truth is unnecessary cravings, including boring, except for funny revelations (take snapshots of humorous situations via cell phone). Of course, to anyone who wants to complete them all await many overtime game that will largely profitable investment.

Audiovisually the best we can say about Yakuza 3 is that, despite being years behind, the game continues to impress and is crowned as one of the finest examples of Playstation 3 graphics. Is here that magical recreation of the cities that made them look really alive in Shenmue: the sound, the transients (which are repeated but almost without us noticing), the numerous rooms in which we can enter testimonials to drink, buy or something ... huge play in the final stages to go and explore from beginning to end. Special mention also the facial expressions of the characters, showing tightly to own cardboard faces of generations past: feelings here are close to the surface and are reflected in the faces of the players with ease.

Have been greatly reduced loading times, which tarnished a bit to the previous installments and that here, except for some off moments, are almost testimonial. Random fights in our journey through the streets remain, unfortunately, although their number has also been significantly reduced and its representation, with blood splashing as protagonists, is as exaggerated as arrogance. We can not praise but some animations, which border the robot or some graphic flaws as people and objects that cross or poor definition of scenarios, although they are minor exceptions that prove the rule: Yakuza 3 is graphically brilliant, fails to match the brightness of its cutscenes (obviously) but still very creditable job by SEGA mime in this production.

On paragraph sound highlights the original Japanese dub, which manages to convey all the intensity of the story (before it was also in Yakuza 2, which opted for the original front dubbed the first part dubbed into English that lost a lot in this regard ). The tunes accompany the action phenomenally well, combining some Guitarreo oriental styles that eventually can do a little tedious. Every detail that accompanies the CD with the soundtrack.

Perhaps one of the most criticized aspects is the lack of translation into our language: the game is only translated into English as it underpins the master (at a basic level, do not ask for more) to enjoy it with any warranty. To compensate for the lack of localization we have in the collector's edition (the only one which has survived) with several extra modes (Survival rate or focused on the free exploration of mapped) to which we can access and completing the game via download. But the contents have been cut about Japan's Edition (Western narrowly read SEGA they are) to thank us just under the "concession" above.

7 / 10
Yakuza 3 is thus a study in contrasts: it is very apparent on the outside and inside a mechanical repetitive abuses involved in an argument quality but not without moments dispensable. That these moments weighing more or less in the final assessment depends on how much or little fan that is prior to the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu: most dedicated fans know taste with relish the many hours of gameplay that ensures the title and so will with those seeking a good beat'em up (having checked the option to "jump strings"). Other players will feel a little lost, but not commit any error when done with this Blu-ray by little that appeals to them the approach of a saga that should lighten up a little to get the outstanding qualifications to which it is intended.


Left 4 Dead 2 at half price on Steam

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010 20:03

Have not had the opportunity to buy Left 4 Dead 2? Well, if you are seriously considering doing this is a very good opportunity because on Steam you have done a very nice price cut.

If you're the only thing missing in the group can get it at half price. That is, instead of the usually costing 49.99, you can now buy it for 25.99 euros. Now, if there are four men in your group who want to buy, you can always opt for the pack of four which is also in sales and instead of 113.99 which normally costs pay EURAC 56.99.

If you like playing on PC I recommend that they are always throwing eye Steam offerings, I do it regularly because sometimes I get games from past years that I went through a price very, very good.


Someone is already playing Motorstorm 3 ...

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Technology - Video Games
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 18:00

Not the first time that a similar situation so we could take for true the following information: the PSN friends list of one of the foreros of NeoGAF (remember that the crème de la crème of the industry goes through these lares) specifies that one of them is playing with Motorstorm 3, specifically something called "The First Playable", which could well be a demonstration, perhaps even created expressly for the upcoming E3.

If true it only confirms the third installment in the saga of Sony's leadership, already registered the domain namesake a month ago and spoke to him saying that should not be interpreted as a confirmation and it was all the "common "movement to protect those URLs that address some of their franchises.

From VG247 have returned to contact Sony to see if they end up confirming the obvious but the only response has been so overused "no comment".

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