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Gameloft is 10 years old and celebrates regalándote 10 games

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010 17:18

When someone say birthday protocols must bring a gift. But the folks at Gameloft has decided to make a change and giving them celebrate their anniversary. The development company is celebrating in style the 10th anniversary, so decided to throw the house out the window and launch a promotion that I'm sure it will interest them.

The instructions are very simple, from 10 to 21 May (no weekends, they also rest), the company will publish on its official Twitter account a direction that will allow us to take you to the App Store and allow us downloaded for free in one of its catalog games for iPhone. We must be very careful, because they are a kind of "Happy Hours" and the link will only be valid for a few hours, but that itself is not a lottery reach everyone who enter the link in the time limit wins the game to your iPhone.

Every day give away a game, so you can make a good collection of these days if you follow them carefully. By the way, yesterday was the Ferrari GT Evolution, which plays to be seen today.

Via: Squad The Unofficial


Kore is still alive and dated

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Technology - Video Games
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 15:02

I find it incredible that I've talked before Kore. In fact I have put a video plays, must have dreamed it. By the way, just write Ecetia morning and at night when I sleep, I dream that I keep writing. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it. But back to what really interests us and in this case time to talk about The Kore Gang.

Some do not know the game because it is not to talk much about him. It is a platform developed by Zoink Games. It was originally being developed for Xbox, it is the first, but the project ended on the afternoon of Nintendo. The visual aspect is persuasive and as for the gameplay seems a simple 3D platforms.

Been a long time and quite some did not talk more about the game. But finally it has been known, has not been canceled, otherwise. It has reached an agreement with KG Pixonauts, this German company is the distributor.

As if this were not enough the game finally dated. August of this year is the month chosen, when we try it, you know the Wii. For now you can keep an eye on the official website . Tip you leave a video for that you can see the game moving.


Codemasters immersed in proceedings for infringement of employees

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Technology - Video Games
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 14:04

Now we know who are collapsing judicial system: the game companies. After Activision and Infinity Ward and the most recent case of Rebellion, it is the turn to Codemasters who has sued Playground Games for having led the march of 15 employees, who abandoned the first to join the ranks of the second leading thus a major failing of noticeable impact on their development.

Codemasters also claims that these 15 people (of which was co-founder Nicholas Wheelwright) had access to confidential company material that could have been employed by Playground to produce its own way of driving.

For the firm this situation has prevented the development of their own racing games so it is currently evaluating what were the damage and the benefits that has been obtained Playground result of this murky business movement.

These employees formed a group to develop highly efficient driving games. Altogether a total of more than 100 years of experience in the creation, development and production of racing games first level.


Hipertextual Labs: Aqua Panic!

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Technology - Video Games
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 13:14

Aqua Panic! Is a 2D puzzle, simple and easy, at least a priori. A species of marine Lemmings. The game is developed by Eko System, a small team that has made second-rate products, those games that we play because we are usually more demanding requirements.

Aqua Panic! already out on other platforms such as Nintendo DS, PSP and Wii. But today we are going to talk about the PS3 version, available via the PSN. The game comes at a price of 10 €, like the PSP.

The mechanics of the game is easy to understand but is complicated by the design of scenarios and using different objects. We start from a 2D screen in the top have a kind of puffer fish loose a stream of water with 100 fish. We must make that stream of water back to sea, but between the two buoys of the stage, otherwise we will lose the fish.

At each level we will save a different number of fish. To do this we use different objects and take advantage of the environment in our favor. Although to complicate things, there will be a number of predators that can kill our beloved goldfish. Besides the primary objective, we can try to get the three coins scattered around the stage, one gold, another beach and finally the bronze.

What are the objects that will have to get it? Bombs to destroy part of the stage, the harpoon to kill dangerous animals, heart to attract fish, fan to move clouds and plants or activate switches to prevent the passage of water. In addition there will be other elements in the scenario with which we interact.

Gameplay modes include Story, is the main way in which will go forward. A total of 80 screens, with varied difficulty. The difficulty curve is not very careful, as soon as we are with a very difficult and we spent a very simple. Although this does not become a much bigger problem, a number of wildcards that we can spend in order to move forward. But then are a few wild, is not an unlimited resource. Although we can always return to the maps with which we use wildcards, to spend and recover. The stage design is equally mixed. Some are very good and some not.

Then there's Free Play mode, which allows past and replayed levels but buying new objects and get all the coins and the stage. Finally we have the Survival mode, in which we go through different levels and start with a fixed number of fish, so far we get.

Technically there is little to say, colorful 2D graphics and a childish design. The artwork is rather mediocre and has nothing remarkable. While the kids may like it. In musical terms the same, several highly repetitive ditties and of little artistic value. It's almost better to play with the volume low.

Regarding the gameplay is the most important, we have a result irregular but challenging in general. Something very positive and makes it a relatively long game, especially considering the price it has. To please fans of puzzles, especially of this type.

7 / 10
In conclusion we have a downloadable game entertaining. Aqua Panic! With particular visual style will appeal to children, and is a good option for parents who want to buy a game to their children, something to think and without violence. But do not be deceived because any of us can enjoy it, perhaps by removing the visual and sound which is the least care. Regarding the gameplay is a good puzzle and a challenge for everyone and provides many hours of gameplay. Too bad you were not so irregular in their development and had been around a bit more careful.

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