Skate It for Wii and Nintendo DS

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Tuesday, 15 July 2008 15:33
EA announced the title SimAnimals for the Wii and Nintendo DS. SimAnimals is a new IP made exclusively for Nintendo platforms and reach the whole world to January 2009.

Gamers can interact with animals, touch them, pick them up as objects that are part of their world. Depending on how these animals help them to grow will come to love or hate.

Rod Humble commented, "SimAnimals opens a new world of creativity with wild animal adventures with lots of fun. For the first time in a game of animals you will have the opportunity to touch and interact with the wildlife of an enormous number of animals found in their natural environment.

SimAnimals offers an amazing tactile experience using the Wii remote and DS stylus and intuitively become part of a beautiful story. A truly classic story with wild animals comes to Nintendo consoles of the labor SimAnimals. "

In SimAnimals find a large number of species including friendly wild animals, squirrels, rabbits, porcupines and many others. Also other animals like wolves, ravens and bears.

In the Wii version is expected so we can play multiplayer with 3 other players cooperatively.

The expected SimAnimals for Wii and Nintendo DS in January 2009.

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