Dos Caras en Batman: Arkham City

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Friday, 15 July 2011 00:15

Some time ago we already had knowledge will look like the villain "Two Face" in Batman: Arkham City , I remember the first scans of the magazine we got GameInformer revealed to us the appearance of this character. Then, almost a year ago, Rocksteady Studios revealed the first images of the official title, we could see in better detail to Harvey Dent (aka Two Face).

Dos Caras Batman Arkham City Dos caras en Batman: Arkham City

The official image of Two-Face has come to light today, in this we see this character as the art that has characterized Batman: Arkham City, this denotes a villain well planted in his paper, curious to know the weight it will have on the central story of the game.

Two-Face is just one of the villains by the Penguin , the Riddler , Harley Quinn and The Joker will be present in this sequel to Batman: Arkham City, title to hit stores on October 18th in America and 21 Europe.

Batman: Arkham City reach the platforms PC , PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , there are thousands of players are looking forward to this sequel, Rocksteady Studios has finally been able to "hit the mark" with the creation of this franchise, one of the best the current generation.

Dos Caras Batman Arkham City Dos caras en Batman: Arkham City

Two faces in Batman: Arkham City written on Joystiq on 14 July, 2011 by CésarInMEX
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