Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream ultimate

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Technology - Video Games
Saturday, 27 February 2010 01:26

The Playstation 3 has sought to market a different and unique title that despite being very varied as to classify it as a unique genre, we can say that based on police and crime drama. The name of this new reference is Heavy Rain.

This game is a technological gem now available at retailers across Europe. Heavy Rain mix a little of everything: drama, psychological thriller surprises, black and police film, a whole narrative hard to match. Is produced by Quantic Dream, the French team led by David Cage, musician and video game designer. Quantic Dream games with adult themes treated fantastically with an air of mysticism.

In Soul Nomad, one of the titles in the same factory, the hero is a video game player taken to another dimension. When he dies, is reincarnated into another character. A strange story, full of mysteries. With Heavy Rain, we return to rediscover a sense very similar maracas whose decisions the fate of history.

Quantic Dream repeats his own style in a more refined with this new title. However, now has exclusive rights to Sony as a unique platform in Playstation 3 graphics engine and an enviable cinematic realism that lends the game.

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