Star Ocean: The Last Hope in 2009

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Technology - Video Games
Thursday, 16 October 2008 03:30

We had developed a bit about how Microsoft seeks to expand the territory of its console, the Xbox 360 into Japanese territory and we could see some results. One of the games that are part of this plan is the Star Ocean: The Last Hope comes from the hand of Square Enix exclusively for Xbox 360 coming in 2009.

The release of this game will be promising in her debut in Japan coming in February, and then debut in March in the U.S. and still do not know when it will be published in Europe but of course it will turn in 2009.

As for the game, it mixes science fiction RPG with a unique experience, being the first game that brings to the Star Ocean series study Inc Tri-Ace. We will fight with four members in our team at a time while keeping the fights in time actual marked both the Star Ocean series.

History speaks that SD10 is the year, ranking in the wake of World War III humanity will make a journey to the stars with the hope of finding a new home and a new opportunity ... Traveling through various planets where they encounter a myriad of adventures in the vastness of space.

Also will include stunning graphics and visual effects, along with some impressive CG videos that will be developed by Visual Works that are the same as you gave life to the legendary Final Fantasy RPG series.

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