Trucos Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony de PS3

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010 05:20


Personifies the murderer Luis Lopez in The Ballad of Tony Gay, which is the second episode of the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. This time will be the right hand of Tony Prince or popularly known as the business of the night as Tony Gay.

Generally you have full-time place orders for your boss, but you can also play on the side of rivals because you never know who is really our friend and who unabashedly we nailed the dagger in the back.

To make things more interesting and replayable gameplay action, we leave a list of keys that activate different tricks as well as many extras to unlock the chaos build anywhere and without hesitation against all (good and bad).

625-555-0200: Akuma (Moto).

272-555-8265: APC (tank).

359-555-2899: Buzzard (Helicopter).

468-555-0100: Climate change.

938-555-0150: Floater (Barco).

362-555-0100: Health and armor.

482-555-0100: Health, armor and superior weapons.

359-555-7272: Parachute.

267-555-0150: Increase the level of search.

267-555-0100: Clears the search level.

486-555-2526: sniper ammunition is explosive.

359-555-0100: Annihilator.

227-555-9666: Bullet GT.

227-555-0142: Cognoscenti.

227-555-0175: Comet.

938-555-0100: Jetmax.

625-555-0100: NRG-900.

625-555-0150: Sanchez.

227-555-0168: Super GT.

227-555-0147: Tourism.

227-555-0100: FIB Buffalo.

276-555-2666: Fists explosives.

625-555-3273: Vader (Moto).

486-555-0100: Advanced Weapons.

486-555-0150: Weapons poor.


44 in the den: Beat 10 gang wars.

Advanced Machine Gun in the den: Beat 20 gang wars.

Explosive Shotgun Guard: Just 30 gang wars.

Golden machine gun in the den: Beat 50 gang wars.

Vulture Gold: Finish the game.

Noose APC in the area of construction: Shoot 50 gulls.

Parachute in the den: just 15 jumps base.

The ammunition is limitless: Finish the game at one hundred percent.

Pumps adherents in the den: Beat 40 gang wars.

Yellow diamond out of the apartment Yusef: Finish the game.