Blood Moon, the adventures of the undead

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Technology - Video Games
Monday, 01 March 2010 01:52

If you love zombies, Blood Moon Champions Online should be a mandatory part of your video game collection.

The company Atari Inc, one of the most recognized in the video game industry, in cooperation with Cryptic Studios, are responsible for Blood Moon released on Halloween.

Both publishers have in their portfolio developments such as Star Trek Online and Champions Online. In this new adventure, zombies, werewolves and other creatures of the underworld come into the world of Champions Online,

"We are organizing a very important mission in Blood Moon," said Bill Roper, executive producer of Champions Online. "We love the work done within the genre and we're curious to know how the players act to combat the forces of evil."

Players will have to massively exterminate the enemy armies Takofanes Arch Lich, as it plans an assault on the World Champions.

Among other missions, players will have the opportunity to liberate the souls 13 super-heroes living dead, enslaved by Takofanes and unlock that will enable a new set of magical powers focus on the healing process and technical support.

Zombie Apocalypse, part of Blood Moon, the heroes dead can be reanimated to enlist an army of hundreds of the undead. Players can become werewolves or individuals Van Helsing in a battle for control of Monster Island.

Via | Champions Online Official Site