Party at home with friends and a dealer hand of Four Roses

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010 00:25

Gamelosofy You know that we are very gamer, so do not be surprised that we have not wanted to miss this opportunity to play professionally, but with the gang of friends.

We were anxious to start, the game called us a lot of attention for many reasons but mostly because we were going to play with dealer!, A tournament like on TV, or so we thought.

Accustomed to throw a little game now and then to Texas that has become so popular with Lady Gaga at home so we did not know what we would, as would experience of a tournament organized with a professional aesthetic.

We organized the game for 19 hours on Sunday and there half an hour before we were all expecting, wanting to know how this promotion was so original to send to a professional dealer home in addition to four glasses of roses, and give a prize for organize the game. At last they arrived at seven in the afternoon but did not ring the doorbell, the phone either, you know there? "will joke that the party poker?, made us speculate nerves, laughing, about whether she had forgotten come. At last the door rang. A nice guy asked us -: 'Is this the game? " , To which eight answered, in unison, 'yes!': We wanted.


Came through the door carrying a trunk of considerable size, had climbed five floors without elevator with that!, And everyone wondering who would looked into. He asked us into the kitchen to prepare and assemble without noise, organized everything for what would be a splendid tournament texas.

Bottles with "Four Roses" on the sticker, lemon slices, lime slices, seven 'up, Coke ... .. and of course the cards and chips in a wooden box with the logo silkscreened four roses, into which came the chips, I think about 300, and the carpet. Case from the table, as in the official championships, held a table for eight people, a bliss.

For once everything is ready, Alfonso, such was our special guest, he began to serve us we had never tested in combination, were buenísimos and while we had the origins of the distillery in Kentucky, including anecdotes like the logo brand. Once everything served was time to start the game, we were looking forward to, especially when the prize was a special bottle of bourbon, but not needed, just the dealer, with his waistcoat and white shirt 50s style, to predict that the evening was worthy of the best casinos.

Accustomed to playing with our rules do not apply where the championship mode, the game went as expected, at risk from the beginning to see who started taking slice of the early rounds. The trouble was that here you could not replace, that is, the loser was left hoping to end the game. This happened less than an hour after two people were already off the table, had played two separate all in losing all your capital. Seen that, the other piston down a bit until our guest decided to raise the blind, the thing changed, accelerating decisions and therefore the game. At this rate, after two hours had two people from eight in the table, taking the blinds the value of 200 and 400 respectively. It was near the end. And so it was agreed to stake Marta Manu, accepting his all in, he won the tournament.


The experience is worth it, if you normally play is very rewarding, otherwise there is no better way to begin to enter the world of poker. In our case we are considering how to repeat something, because it's more fun.

Thanks for the experience.