Dragon Age: Origins and the mod called "Natural Bodies"

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010 05:00

dao_7 -

As they did with Resident Evil 5 and the mod where we could see Sheva Alomar as programmers brought to the world, is now the turn of this title developed by BioWare, with this mod that does just the same, left naked to the grandiose characters: Dragon Age: Origins.

The link can download the mod for the game lustful, all you do is register and then you can access the contents, we mention that this mod only applies to the version of PC, does that have any practical application?, Truth no, but come on, it looks pretty fun.

There is also the possibility of change, say ... the "combing" of the characters, not just the head, (not like at all) better look it yourself, definitely I will not have the opportunity because my PC is not updated to games of this generation, a pity.

Source: Eurogamer