God Of War III will close the trilogy of the franchise

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Friday, 26 February 2010 21:56

God Of War III could be the last adventure of our mighty Kratos, at least within the framework defined in the trilogy.

In a recent interview, John Hight, director of studies of the Sony, had confirmed that although God of War III would mark the end of this trilogy, Kratos buffs will have a new franchise in the not too distant .

According to the statement advanced in charge, the franchise will not close doors to other possible developments may have some crossovers or similar. The company has among its objectives to provide new and great próxmamente epic series and made a genus within the game industry.

"We must understand that God of War has an end point. Yes it has the trilogy. However, continue to develop new games based on the saga, "said Hight." From this moment onwards, we'll be careful what we do. We are protective of the franchise and obviously do not want to ruin "- finally concluded.


It's good to know that the company is concerned with giving a beginning and an end to the stories of the most iconic people within the saga. The other secrets about upcoming plans is saved under some mysterious place of Mount Olympus.

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