Inadvisable online mode of FIFA 2010 with Gamblers Anonymous

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Technology - Video Games
Friday, 26 February 2010 23:14

FIFA 2010 has many great advantages. Unfortunately, the online mode sometimes leaves us very bad taste. The online mode is very tempting to buy the title, however, we must warn you not finish an online game promises to be easy.

One of the basic problems in the online mode is that players can disconnect from the game because they are losing or because your connection is not good enough to maintain some stability online. This reveals once sportsmanship that exists by some players who simply do not know "lose." If they do not win, neither do you.

Many game players desist when they know the notion that we can not all become Star players. It's sad but true that when we play online virtuality is a layer that allows to hide our faults through anonymity.

The online game itself brings no default, but compete online against real players have this kind of problem often. If you have friends that play for the online mode can be a good place to demonstrate your skills.

For this reason, if you want to play FIFA 2010 online, try to find friends and challenge them. Otherwise, you can suffer the consequences of those who can not lose.

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