Hearthfire Skyrim for PS3 now available

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 06:02

Bethesda Softworks continues with the promised releases all additional content for the fifth installment of his most epic saga, The Elder Scrolls, on the platform of Sony, PlayStation 3. Today we have made available the Hearthfire Skyrim DLC for PS3 via PlayStation Network in its American version, so we can start enjoying it.

Hearthfire Skyrim for PS3 now available

Additional content for PS3 Skyrim Hearthfire incorporates something different missions and adventures new content, as did the DLC Dragonborn . This time Bethesda offers a new experience of life of our character in the Province of Skyrim, literally.

While we played this title are aware that in major cities like Whiterun (Carrera White) or Solitude (Soledad) we buy houses after winning the appreciation of the Jarl, in smaller cities like Morthal not an option . This changes with the DLC Hearthfire and dramatically. Now we can build our own house, and not only that, but take it to a level beyond allowing even adopt children and live with the wife (or husband) of our characters. Wherefore he called Hearthfire as "DLC for Skyrim The Sims".

From now you can download via PSN for a sale price of 2.49 dollars for the first week after its release, as from next Tuesday, when I get Dawnguard, its price will increase to $ 5.

The Skyrim DLC in Spain

DG, HF, and DB for PS3 will be out in French, Italian, German, and Spanish on February 27. Should be 1.8 update out there today.

- Pete Hines (@ DCDeacon) February 19, 2013

For the European market, Bethesda regretted giving the news that Sony delays these DLC not reach Europe until an unknown date.

Today, on the eve of the arrival of PS3 Hearthfire to announce that the three DLC the game will arrive in Spain on February 27, and starting today and should be available to upgrade to version 1.8 which prepares the console for the new packages content. Patience Tamriel adventurers in Spain, soon to be just waiting.

Admission Hearthfire Skyrim PS3 now available appears first in Joystiq .