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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 14:26

The provocative and alternative comics will have a strong presence in 31 International Comic Fair of Barcelona with the participation of Ralf König and Gilbert Shelton, who will come to the event with the cooperation of Editions the Cupola. Their presence shows the diversity of styles and genres that are present in an open and unlimited competition of any kind.

Ralf König is a very popular author in our country thanks to his work replete nosed, conflicts in relationships (mostly homosexual) and autobiographical dyes, all seasoned with a peculiar sense of humor and provocative German author. Some of his works have been adapted successfully in film, as in the case of The Condom Murderer, which resulted in his day a real shock.

Gilbert Shelton, creator of the Freak Brothers and Fat Freddy's Cat, is one of the most representative of American underground comic, drawing leading over fifty years. Inaccessible to discouragement and true to himself, Shelton still active with a series about a group of rockers past returns. Here we facilitate the biographies of the two new guests:

-Ralf König (Soest, Germany. 1960)

Ralf König made in Westphalia carpenter studying late seventies while coming out of her, then began free drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts Düsserldorf. Soon after, he became the most famous cartoonist of the gay scene, which at that time was still a lot of fight and some comical. In 1987 he successfully broke with the title The wanted man, with whom was released beyond its initial public. Ralf König's books are now translated into several languages ​​and is total circulation of millions. His comics have been the model for film adaptations (The wanted man, condom murderer, like rabbits, Lysistrata), plays (Scraps of life, Lysistrata). He has won multiple awards for best cartoonist in several German and international lounges comics (most recently in the International Comic 2006 Erlangen, Germany, where he earned a special jury prize for his artistic position in regard to litigation the Mohammed cartoons). Ralf lives today doing freelance artist and author in Cologne. Editions the Cupola has published all titles translated into Castilian.

-Gilbert Shelton (Houston, Texas. 1940)

Gilbert Shelton's talent began to emerge early, with the first appearance in 1959 of Superserdo (Wonder Wart-Hog) in a university magazine. His devastating parody of the superhero figure eventually become a classic that continues today reeditándose worldwide, surpassed only by The Fabulous Freak Brothers (The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers) and her cat Freddy, first published in 1969 and consolidated as one of the bastions of the American underground. Through the years, Shelton has continued to create comics where corrosive humor and action come together supersonic. Today, living in Paris and in close collaboration with the French cartoonist Pic, Shelton continues to work tirelessly in Not Quite Dead, a series of short stories about a stale rock band that has been appearing in various comic publications worldwide . 31 Barcelona Comic Fair will be held from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 April 2013 at the Palace # 8 of Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc. We remind you now open the application deadline for accreditations and interviews. This period will end on Tuesday, April 2, the date from which more passes will not be processed. To apply for accreditation must provide all the media as well as coverage on the previous year. Should be the first year that they go to the Hall, please send a recent paper related to the comic or the culture at large. We look forward to your attendance. For any queries please contact us or visit our web www.ficomic.com. Thank you very much for your attention.